Friday, September 6, 2013

5k: WikiOilLeaks: 1984 Dodge Colt Turbo GTS

The Dodge Colt Turbo is one of those small peppy cars that you just can't hate, no matter how poorly built, completely unreliable and downright pathetic they seem.  Simply put, they are the Bradley Mannings of the automotive world, and while you may be tempted to give them a complete chassis overhaul and call them Chelsea, we advise against it...but you have to admit they have guts or something...  Find this 1984 Dodge Colt Turbo GTS (actually a pair of them) for sale in Concord, VA for $6,000 via craigslist.  Tip from John.

The Dodge Colt will be a constant source of not classified intelligence data, but oil, coolant and brake fluid all over your driveway.  The source of the oil is a Mitsubishi 4G32T inline-4 cylinder turbocharged engine good for 102 horsepower - enough to move the sub-2000 lb hatchback around with some modicum of fun.  The Colt uses a bizarre "twin-stick" transmission that gives 8 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds with the use of a transfer case. This 'box is not unprecedented on the pages of DT; we previously featured another '84 Twin-Stick Turbo Colt here in October 2012.

It's odd to consider that this captive import Mitsubishi and the Simca-designed Omni were both sold by Dodge dealers concurrently. So if you wanted a compact American branded hatchback from your local Dodge dealer in 1984, you had either a Japanese car or a French car to choose from (and in 2013, you have zero although the Dart is closely related to an Italian). The styling of this car, the Japanese one, has aged well compared to the Omni. It's just too bad about it being a Mitsubishi, and actually sharing many parts with the 1st-generation Hyundai Excel. Back to the DT research caves for us...

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  1. First you call it pathetic and then you call it a Bradley Manning (hero)... I don't understand.

  2. I am in love with the idea of this car. It is one of the few '80s hatches that is fast enough, strange enough, and getting rare enough that it is possibly, maybe, sort of, starting to think about going up in value. They will eventually.
    Maybe one could consider this the '57 Chevy of the hot-hatch era that continues to this day.
    I can understand the need for the parts car. Junkyards used to teem with '80s cars very few are worth their parking spots and they are getting crushed. It is getting hard to find parts for them.
    Great find.

  3. This thing's kinda gorgeous. It's like a Starlet with better lines.

  4. Had an '86 Colt GTS Turbo back in 1990. At a mere 49k miles it had gobbled its 5th gear synchros and its motor mounts. I bought it after a short test drive around town and thought it would be Japanese reliable, just like the trusty '81 Starlet I was trading in. Boy was I wrong!
    Still, very punchy when the turbo spooled up, great little car for dominating an intersection. Possibly the heaviest steering I've ever experienced. Every parking lot was a gym workout.

  5. The Hyundai connection is kind of a non-factor. Hyundai bought Mitsu parts and engines for use in the Excel/Elantra/Sonata for many years. I had an Elantra with a 4G63. As far as reliability goes, none of the early turbos were that reliable. I've seen a few of these around, but I have never seen a Tredia or Cordia Turbo, which were allegedly sold in the U.S.

  6. 1984 Colt Turbo (Pocket Rocket) edition was the black on black with gold stripes (only 400 of them were made and ship to the USA). It was my first new car, I loved it dearly and it was so fast and strong that I even added a hitch and pulled my 14' Bay Liner with it at the time, People stared a lot but I could do 75 80 mph going up hill. I love it so much that 32 years later, I had to find one and I was lucky to find two, and so, I found one in NJ and one in Reno, I bought them both. I drove the one in Reno back to the bay area and I had a great time thinking of all the old memories I have had with it. My intentions were to make one out of the two, the Pocket Rocket black edition had some rust on the doors, some how that changed after I drove them both. So I will post some pictures when they are both finished.

    1. Would love to see pictures

  7. I had a 1984 black GTS Turbo. Stock boost is 7.5 psi. I added an intercooler and could pump in 15 psi. I could spin 3rd gear!! I removed the gold stickers/decals and it became the ultimate "sleeper".

  8. I had a 1984 black GTS Turbo. Stock boost is 7.5 psi. I added an intercooler and could pump in 15 psi. I could spin 3rd gear!! I removed the gold stickers/decals and it became the ultimate "sleeper".

  9. Does anyone know where I can find parts for an 84 GTS turbo Colt I'm looking for a few

  10. I had a 1984 GTS turbo colt. Black on black with gold trim, wheels, rear window louvers. Twin stick which broke twice. I put intercooler, borla exhaust, K&n air filter. Replaced wheels with gold 14” Enki and they had perelli 60 series. They were superior the the original equipment crappy Michelin. This thing was fast, beat a corvette until about 35. I hit 115 MPH, on I 75 in Flint MI. Everyone that drove it loved it, they would have a huge smile when they got out. Head gasket issues, fuel system issues, rusted fuel tank. As well as lost the low gear for the twin shift. Cheap fast fuel efficient and just plane fun.


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