Friday, September 13, 2013

5k: Seller Sub: 2001 Lincoln LS

We featured a cool Lincoln LS 5-spd earlier this week and an anonymous commenter asked if he could get his cheaper LS listed well as asking us if we would feature more east coast cars.  In an attempt to answer both of his requests we are pleased to feature this seller submission from Andy E.  Find his 2001 Lincoln LS V6 Sport Package Automatic for sale in Durham, NH for $3,495 via craigslist.

For the asking price this 79k mile sedan looks to be a bargain if you are in the market for an automatic transmission equipped commuter car.  The biggest downside on this one is that is has an issue related to a CEL indicating one of the catalysts is not performing to spec - not a problem for a savvy garage mechanic or someone living in a lawless smog-check free state like Minnesota or Alaska.  As an added bonus for those living in the frozen north states this beauty also has heated seats for the ultimate in winter comfort.

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  1. The problem with East Coast cars, specifically those from the northeast is that nobody wants them. Most (flame suit on) are rust buckets from the beltline down. Plus, we're all enthusiasts here. We all work on our cars (mostly out of financial necessity). When posed with the choice between a $4000 car with every single screw and bolt head rusted to the hilt underneath, and a $6000 car without rust, this broke enthusiast would gladly spend the extra $2k for a south-of-the-rust-belt auto.

    1. Gotta agree. Once spoiled, there's no going back. The money saved in Liquid Wrench is worth the cost of transportation from the west coast.

    2. As a Canadian east coast resident I have to say; why waste your cash on any spray lube when none of it is effective and youll just end up burning it up when you are forced to break out the oxy-accetaline to apply heat to almost any nut or bolt on anything more than five years old. The only exceptions are cars that are absolutly soaked in greazze and graphite. Then youll need a shower after eoing anything under the car.

  2. The lack of rust can exist on East Coast cars. This car sold - and this one was garage kept and transported to FL every winter, the PO never drove in adverse weather. It was a true "little old lady" car. I have a '93 Miata that has >130k and the paint marks on suspension nuts are still clearly visible, no sign of rust. Never saw road salt. You can find cars in the East that are clean, but they are fewer and farther between then the West, for sure. Thanks 'Turismo!


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