Thursday, September 26, 2013

5k: Pair of Projects: 1970 & 1974 Lotus Europa

It is a good time to be in the market for a Lotus Europa project as there are a few cheap examples on ebay right now.  First is 1974 Lotus Europa Twin-Cam for currently bidding for $4,400, reserve-not-met in San Tan Valley, AZ with 3 days to go.  Next is a 1970 Lotus Europa S2 for sale in Fairfield, OH currently bidding for $2,297 with less than one day to go.

This 1974 Twin-Cam is being sold as a partially disassembled parts car, but the seller states that the engine runs well so we have to wonder what the title situation is with this one.  It looks like a salvageable car, but photos and details are limited.

The 1970 S2 requires considerably more cosmetic restoration of the fiberglass body and the condition of the steel backbone frame is unknown.  The car is a "roller" (it has no engine/trans) but the seller does have a complete recently rebuilt powertrain that will come with the car.  The seller also mentions that he has a clear title in his name, but the condition of the frame pieces are again unknown.

It is a good time to point out that, per ebay user policy, ebay motors auctions are non-binding. If you do bid and win one of these piles of parts, and things are worse off than you expected in person, it is certainly within your rights to renegotiate or cancel the purchase.  Just keep in mind that when the seller re-lists the auction he will call you a scumbag and demand that winning bidders put in a non refundable deposit.

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  1. Nice price for original "John Player Special" badging! There's enough here to get at least one car drivable, or have two unique lawn ornaments.

  2. One of my customers says I owe it to myself to purchase a twink Europa.

    I agree, but I already have a track car, a fast street car and a British 4x4. I cannot afford this.


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