Wednesday, September 25, 2013

5k: Future Classic? 1989 Shelby CSX, Minty Clean

The Chrysler corporation produced an entirely underwhelming automobile badged as the Dodge Shadow and Plymouth Sundance from 1987-1994. It was an abysmally slow front wheel drive crapcan assembled by idiots and sold to fools.  Salvation for the Shadowdance came from the famed Texas chicken farmer with a ten gallon hat by the name of Shelby.  Find this 1989 Shelby CSX for sale on ebay in Laguna Beach, CA currently bidding for $1,875 with 4 days to go.  Tip from Rod S.

In 1987 Shelby started acquiring incomplete Dodge Shadows to turn into his CSX - short for "Carroll Shelby eXperimental."  The Shelby version included a high power engine, stiffer springs/shocks, Shelby specific interior and Shelby fiberglass composite wheels.

The Turbo II was a version of Chrysler's 2.2 liter inline-4 cylinder turbocharged and intercooled engine - putting out 175 horsepower and 175 ft-lbs of torque.  Power is put to the front wheels via a 5 speed manual gearbox.

The inside of this classic Shelby looks in good shape; the Shelby lettering covering the seats still looks cool.  Many Shelbys of this era have big signed glove box/dashes and with the big man's passing last year this one will always be blank.

See a cooler front drive relic from the Shelby era? email us here:


  1. Awesome car, but definitely needs the original wheels back on it if they are available.

  2. Red flag 1: if it passes smog, why is it non-opp'd? Not always a deal breaker, but people sometimes transfer cars non-opp'd to get around the CA requirement that the car has to be smogged fewer than 90 days prior to sale by the seller. Red flag 1a: how much are the DMV back-registration fees, if any?

    Red flag 2: That shiny piece of exhaust pipe will likely fail visual unless there's a mopar / C.A.R.B. sticker on it. My car failed visual because its from a rust belt state and I had to have the exhaust patched once.

    Red flag 3: It's a mid-late 80's Chrysler product.

    Red flag 4: Unshielded one filter + hot engine bay = slow.

    Red flag 5: Boost(?) gauge in the ash tray for the ....passenger?

    All in all, if you're a glutton for automotive punishment who values individuality/obscurity over form...and function... and safety... and reliability... then good news! This is the "car" for you! That is... if I don't buy it first...

    1. Sure makes me glad I live in Nebraska. No smog stuff to worry about.

    2. "Sure makes me glad I live in Nebraska..." I think that's the first time anyone has ever said that phrase in the history of mankind!

      I kid, but having lived in Kansas and Oklahoma for 2 hellish years each, I can say that now that I'm back in CA, I do miss uncrowded roads, clean air, cheap ethanol, and no emissions inspections.

  3. One of the many things I love about living in a non-smogged area of Oregon is buying noncompliant cars cheaply in California. I have been stopped for out of date tags but a bill of sale has always gotten me out of a ticket, explaining I am just transporting the car out of state.

    1. Nice. They're never that lenient with me. After my 3rd stop for doing the same, the Highway Patrolman indicated that the right way to do it is to get a transfer/transport temporary permit along with the Bill of Sale and insurance.


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