Thursday, September 26, 2013

5k: A Few Liters of Cologne:1972 Porsche 914 w/ Ford V6

The Porsche 914 is one of those inexpensive classics that we love to feature because they offer a decent performance per dollar ratio compared to other flat four powered P-cars like the 912 or 356.  However, even the 2.0 liter examples are still pokey compared to modern autos and we always enjoy finding ones with bigger teeth.  Find this 1972 Porsche 914 with Ford V6 for $7,900 in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.

Horrible photos notwithstanding, this 914 looks to be in decent shape, with shiny paint and clean interior.  It has been restored at least once in the past 40 years and now rides on a number of 911 suspension parts and factory Porsche Fuchs alloys.

The lump of iron under the rear-center hood is a 2.8 liter Ford Cologne V6, tuned to make 180 horsepower according to the seller.  The V6 could have come from any number of Ford or Mercury products from the 1970s/80s including the Mustang II, Pinto or Mercury Bobcat.

Inside the car has a clean but nice looking interior with an aftermarket steering wheel and vintage 914 flat bucket seats.  Driving a 914 is a good experience from the minute you fall into the seats and feel the lively steering, but almost doubling the stock horsepower should give it a serious added boost of fun.

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  1. All in favor of making one of these faster, but not sure why you would go to the trouble with that particular engine. Even if the transplant took place in the mid seventies, wouldn't there have been a few 6-cyl Porsche mills floating around? Maybe the modifier just had way more time than money.

  2. What about the Mercury Capri and Ford ranger /bronco for the V-6

  3. Enough people have built these as the mid-engined 911 Porsche never made. Like the post says, most 911 suspension and brake bits, as well as the powerplant, fits in nicely. I would pay $8k for a well-sorted example of that variety (with center exhaust please!) but the Ford engine is indeed an odd choice.

    1. But Porsche did actually have a production flat-six in the 914 body. It was a 2.0L f-six in a car called the 914/6.

  4. Good luck getting one with a 911 engine for $8k. Try $25K+

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