Monday, September 2, 2013

5k: Bratzilla: 1980 Subaru Brat Monster Truck

It has been a long Labor Day. Too much food, drinks, family and loony cars all over the normally sane pages of Daily Turismo.  This next feature needs no long and meandering soliloquy/introduction other than to state this is possibly the third most dangerous thing to come from Japan, the first is the actual Godzilla and the second is radioactive seawater.  Find this 1980 Subaru Brat "Brazilla" Monster truck for sale in Spokane, WA for sale for an undisclosed amount of money or trade for random junk.  Tip from Oldsmobuick.

What more can you say about a Subaru Brat with 29 inch tires, a 4 inch lift and a knight-rider style hack-saw steering wheel.  Turbo-boost indeed!  The seller mentions that he has a "new kid on the way" and needs "room in the garage"...not always the safest place for a newborn baby's bassinet, but who are we to judge.

We think the seller should just bolt his baby seat into the spot for the rear jump seats, the roll cage mounted spare tire should make a great sun-shade and no need for a DVD player in this ride.  Excitement, its what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.  See a better family car for four? email us here:


  1. Wait , did he cut the steering wheel to look like some out-tske from knight rider? JFC! somebody abort this thing. "Have a new kid on the way", ummm yeah your judgement is alreasy suspect at the least-bikerjosh

  2. Like it's ever seen a garage. The skeleton hand coming out of the transmission tunnel is foreshadowing...

  3. I have had more fun in this car then u can possibly imagine. From huckleberry picking to hunting, puddles ,snow boarding trips. I still have the car and don't want to sell it just seeing what people would offer. Wife wanted to park in the garage and as for my third baby shes doing fine. Ya its a dangerous car, so it takes some big balls and an eagerness for danger to push it to its limits. Fun fun fun

    1. I am the current owner of this vehicle. I have changed the engine out to the larger one, to move the tires better, and it is one hell of a nice buggy.
      If what the jeeps where I live show, no, your Jeep can't touch any of my subarus for Rally.

  4. Sorry to tell you but my Jeep comanche will rally circles around you, and most my running gear is pretty close to stock.

  5. And what happened to rhino lining the who vehicle?


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