Monday, September 16, 2013

15k: Clutch Player: 2004 BMW 545i 6-spd E60

By the early 2000s most mid-sized luxury sedans were equipped with automatic-only gearboxes, unless it was an expensive and finicky motorsports edition (such as BMW's M-cars, Audi's S-line etc).  The notable exception to the torque convertor brigade was the BMW 5-series that offered a V8 mated to a manual gearbox in a large sedan, starting as far back we can remember and continuing to 540i, 545i, 550i, etc.  Find this 2004 BMW 545i 6-spd for sale in Baldwin, NY for $13,000 or best offer via ebay.

The Bangle-styled BMW 5-series received its fair share of criticism from the peanut gallery when it was released, but we think it's flame styling and unique looks will be a boon for future collectability...way in the future.  The 545i was powered by a 4.4 liter DOHC alloy-V8 that puts out 325 horsepower and 330 ft-lbs of torque.  The automatic version is a good luxury freeway cruiser, but BMW sold a few 6-speed manual versions for the apex-hunters among us and 10 years later they are worth 1/5th of the original MSRP...not a bad way to save 50 large.

See a better V8 powered beast? email us here:

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  1. Bummer it's not the 550, but still pretty good V8-powered fun. Sport package is a bonus (although I don't recall that wheel-and-tire combo being part of it). Even with that, you'll never forget how big and hefty this car is. Maintenance-wise, you'll never forget it's a BMW. Long Island NY isn't the kindest place to cars either. After owning an E60 for several years, I don't dislike the design nearly as much as I did initially. I guess it grows on you.


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