Tuesday, August 20, 2013

5k: Pity Da Fool: 1984 Dodge Ram Van; A-Team

You don't need to be soldiers of fortune being persecuted for crimes you didn't commit to require a badass van.  Maybe you have to shuttle kids to soccer practice, or just love vans.  Who knows, we won't judge.   What we do know is that Mr T drove a GMC Van on the show, but today's feature is covered in Dodge badges.  Find this 1984 Dodge Ram Van for sale in St. Louis, MO for $3,500 asking via craigslist.  Tip from Scot.

This Dodge Ram Van is powered by a modified 318 cubic inch V8 that puts something less than 300 horsepower into an automatic transmission and per the seller,
"people see it, and want to race all the time. not super fast but will lay down some rubber."

See a better bullet-proof van? email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. I want it. I think it's a sign that I just watched the movie before I went to bed last night. Now to convince the wife it's the perfect kid hauler...

    1. ~ try telling her she'll love it when your plan comes together.

  2. wow... the duded up free candy wagon!

  3. Kudos for the fresh photos. Nothing turns me off faster than an ad with two-year-old pics, which we see plenty of on CL. That said, I dislike ads with the laissez-faire "don't need to sell it", as if they're offering it up to the great unwashed out of some kind of altruism. Just admit the truth if you're going to address it at all: it's up for sale because you need the money or the space, or you don't have the time/know-how to get it going, etc. etc.

  4. Is this thing still for sale? If it is I'm interested. Could you send me some pics of the interior as well as where
    ( in general ) you're located? I'm in Tulsa. lawnfather@icloud.com


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