Friday, August 2, 2013

5k: Let's Fly Way Up To The Clouds: 1980 Plymouth Volaré Duster

In his classic rendition of the song "Nel blu, dipinto di blu" (composed by Dominico Moduguno) rat-pack member Dean Martin belts out the stirring chorus "Volaré , oh oh oh, Cantare, oh oh oh oh!", which translates to "Flying, oh oh oh, Singing oh oh oh."  To be clear, this was a love song and the man born Dino Paul Crocetti (but reborn as the King of Cool) wouldn't have been caught dead in a Plymouth Volaré or its twin brother the Dodge Aspen.  Dean was probably driving a Maserati and greasing his hair with bacon fat when the Aspen/Volaré was being praised by automotive pundits.  In the best print media tradition of advertising money = awards the Aspen/Volaré won the 1976  Motor Trend "Car of the Year" prize and then proceeded to be plagued by quality defects and recalls that almost caused Chrysler to go bankrupt.  Classic stuff.  Find this 1980 Plymouth Volaré Duster for sale in Goehner, NE (population 154 and home of the Chez Bubba Cafe)   Tip from Andy L.

The Aspen/Volaré were Chrysler F-body replacements for the aging Dart/Duster A-body platform cars.  They still used front-engine rear drive setup along with engines carried over from the A-body cars, but the F-body was designed using primitive computer modeling and was supposed to be a step forward for Chrysler, but as Lee Iacocca lamented in his autobiography: 

"The Dart and Valiant ran forever, and they should never have been dropped. Instead they were replaced by cars that often started to come apart after only a year or two."

It is therefore surprising that this 90 horsepower slant-6 powered Volaré has survived the years and looks relatively intact.  Sharp eyed tipper Andy L puts it best when noted in his tip:
I admit that I did not know they were still making this RWD body style as late as 1980 until I read this ad. The rare square headlights were only available that year, according to the internet. Ad says "some rust".  Some rust could mean a lot of things, none of them good, but the fact that the car has a painted lower body panels in some photos and not in others makes me even more suspicious.

Good catch on the white lower stripe in some but not all of the photos...a great question for the seller when you meet at Chez Bubba.

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  1. I would argue that the one and only King of Cool was Steve McQueen...


  3. ~ better yet, Mark Hyman (founder of Hyman Ltd) and Dino with Dean's 1964 Ghia 6.4L alongside a replica of St.Louis' infamous hourly-rate motel, Coral Courts displayed at The Museum of Transportation, a division of St. Louis County Parks.

  4. less the loaded up trim package here, they are almost the same car (1975 Nova)

  5. you guys are kidding , right?


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