Monday, August 12, 2013

5k: Cougar Bait: 1973 Mercury Cougar Convertible

The Mercury Cougar was restyled in 1971 along with its stablemate, the 3rd generation Mustang.  The new Cougar was bigger in just about every dimension but it was still small compared to the next generation ('74-'76) Cougar that shared its platform with the Torino.  Prices for Cougars have always lagged behind Mustangs in the "collector" car market, and the trend continues even for the less desirable early malaise era cars.  Find this 1973 Mercury Cougar Convertible for sale in Hollywood, CA for $7,000 via craigslist.

This Cougar is being offered as a good running/driving classic with nice paint, restored interior, working A/C -- all desirable attributes for our weekend cars.  Only a truly strange mustachioed masochist would drive this open top land yacht to work/errands each day, but it would make a great weekend cruiser for a pittance.  

The large menacing chrome grill/bumper fascia is a look into the future Ford/Mercury's for many years to come.

 See a better convertible cruiser for the last few weeks of summer? email us here:

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