Friday, August 9, 2013

5k: Bay Window: 1969 Volkswagen Bus

We've waxed the old surfboard nostalgic about cheap VW Vans in the past and continue to be staggered at the depths of the pockets for modern day collectors of what are some of the worst cars to drive. The VW Van ranks just below an airport shuttle in terms of "fun to drive," but is somehow cool, like an old rocking chair that is uncomfortable and gets splinters in your ass, but your old hippie uncle will never sell it.  Find this 1969 Volkswagen Bus/Van for sale in San Diego, CA for $4,500 via craigslist.

This '69 is a "bay window" bus as opposed to the '67 & earlier "split window" variety, which are much more valuable. The bay window busses are better vehicles but they lost a lot of character compared to the originals. This one looks decent but needs body, paint and interior work and it's the most basic "station wagon" version of the bus, not the more desirable Westfalia camper or the pickup.

The interior includes a carpeted raised platform that could be used as a bed, surf board storage, or a place to hang out while you wait for the engine to cool down half way up a big hill.

See a better cheap hippie house? email us here:

1 comment:

  1. As a cheap hippie.I say this is no hippie van.......and its not cheap.

    750.00 tops

    Things have gotten out of control


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