Saturday, August 31, 2013

3k: Suicide Seats: 1969 Volvo 142, Ford V8 Swap

The Volvo 140 series is a classic we like at DT because they are inexpensive to buy, inexpensive to run and generally a good deal for a European classic car.   The ancient suspension, steering and pushrod engines aren't for everyone and it won't be remotely fast in stock configuration.  Things change when you swap in a domestic V8 and add some wider wheels...maybe for the better.  Find this 1969 Volvo 142 with Ford V8 for $3000 located near Houston, TX via craigslist.

This Volvo 142 isn't for those with sensitive fact there few people who could daily drive a beast like this... fortunately most of them read this site.  The 5.0 liter Ford V8 could be good for anything from 200 to 300 horsepower depending on internal configuration, doubling or tripling the stock power/torque to the wheels.

In this particular car it seems the firewall has been recessed, fiberglass fender flares added, and the dashboard "custom made" from discarded school bus seat vinyl and plywood (or...something). A set of stock 14" steel wheels from a 240 have been widened, and this this thing rolls on some wide and seriously tall & meaty tires. Black steel wheels with dog dish hubcaps will always be a recipe for understated badassery. The cowl-induction hood and flat black rattle can paint job are just icing on the proverbial redneck cake.

Find something without V-twin power that the neighbors will hate more? email us here:


  1. ~ new catagory; redneck gangsta ratrod.
    . it's almost right, don't booger it up!

  2. When fiberglass and bondo are used as modeling clay. I can't stop looking at this thing. Someone will snag it and have a blast. Leave it as is, or spend money turning it into a pro-touring, redneck gangsta ratrod?

  3. The flares leave me cold, vato. If the builder had left the fenders stock, I would have called with an (probably low) offer, no doubt. Drive as-is and valet it at The Breakers. You know, because V8olvo.


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