Wednesday, August 7, 2013

3k: Seller Sub: 1987 BMW 325e E30 5-spd

The BMW 325e was an E30 variant created to offer greater fuel economy from the small six cylinder engine, the e was an abbreviation for the greek letter eta, or "engineering speak" for efficiency.  The eta version was slower than a standard 325, but its low compression engine offers supple off idle torque and is well suited for turbocharging.  Find this 1987 BMW 325e E30 5spd offered via Rhode Island craigslist for $2995.  Seller submission from Jeffrey A.

The E30 is one of our favorite cheap used cars available today, so even though we featured a simple west coast E30 yesterday, we didn't blink an eye when this seller submission from the right coast arrived in the DT inbox (along with a rather disproportionate number of guest post blog requests from all kinds of scammers, something in the air these days...).  This eta30 has a few miles on the odometer, but the condition and asking price are excellent.

Got your own rear drive, LSD equipped, manual trans car to sell?  email us here:


  1. Ronals are very nice, but highlight the opportunity for some suspension mods. Sport seats are nice too. Higher miles than I'd personally feel comfortable with, but the car looks to be in reasonably good shape overall. Jeff, you might want to post some closer photos - hard to really see the condition of the car ("a few scratches and dents" can mean a lot of things).

  2. This is nice. If I bought it I would keep it's stock looks and turbo it but I think someone who wants it stock should buy this, too nice to mod IMO.

  3. Ah yes, the car that should have been called the 327e. Every now and then, I hear someone complain about BMW's current naming scheme not matching displacement and have to remind them that non-matching is a long BMW tradition.


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