Monday, August 5, 2013

15k: Hot For Sensei: 1971 Datsun 510 SSS Bluebird, FJ20

The Datsun 510 Bluebird was produced from 1968-1973 and sold in the US market as the poor man's BMW 2002. Prices for running/driving 510s are certainly less than the $30k price tags we've seen on unimpressive 2002s. The idea of a $30k 510 is mostly preposterous (ditto on the 2002...) but sometimes a seller puts so much money in modifications into a car that he can ask ridiculous amounts of money.  Find this 1971 Datsun 510 SSS Bluebird for sale in Redmond, WA currently bidding for $16,100 reserve-not-met with buy it now of $30,000 via eBay.

This Datsun is so sweet that these four ladies, who did some serious outfit coordination the morning of this car show, decided to take a break from the heat by sitting on the fender and hood...I just hope those pants are lint free and covered in a thick base of carnauba wax.

Much better - now we can actually see the glorious Volkswagen green paint and pink wheels that would have the Riddler salivating.   Not sure how useful those JDM spec fender mounted mirrors are for merging lanes; but who is going to miss a green car with pink wheels merging into his lane?

The green beanie is  powered by an iron block, aluminum head 2.1 liter DOHC Nissan FJ20 inline-4 cylinder engine that could have come from an 80s vintage Silvia or Skyline and fed by twin 44mm Mikuni carburetors.  The seller doesn't specify any power figures, but expect something more than the 150 horsepower stock figures, maybe 200-220ish..

The overall execution of the car looks great in the photos, and this is certainly a case of "the previous owner's money"...and at $16k it is a deal...$30k...a bit steep.

See a better JDM classic with bokken trunk lid prop? email us here:


  1. The Girls of Ebay are certainly busy today!

    Kar Kulture Chick..

    Smokeymountaintraders' Daisy Minus her dukes..

    Same dealer, same Daisy, but found her dukes...

  2. As commentors on another site pointed out to me, those wheels are very rare and can trade between $400 and $700 a set.

  3. Maybe I am just financially disadvantaged, but when I see 510's and other "cheap" cars (VW Beetles) going for such a high price, I have to wonder; isn't the reason we bought these 'cheap' cars back then, because we couldn't afford the 'real' sports cars that sometimes now are cheaper than the substitutes?

    Could someone help me out, is it anything other than nostalgia. I love Minis (hated them when younger, but then drove one and loved it), but the only reason I bought and ran them so much was that I couldn't afford the MG's, TR's etc that I wanted, if the Mini exceeded the price of the original desire, why not buy the original?

  4. If the girls come with the car, then it's a good deal ;-)


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