Friday, August 2, 2013

10k: Stuck In Neutral: 1962 Unimog 404, Troop Carrier

The Unimog (short for "UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät", Gerät meaning machine in German) is a multi-purpose medium duty truck originally built in post war Germany for "agricultural" purposes due to the post war anti-military production sanctions on the country that had twice tried to take over the world in the span of 25 years.  Sanctions or not, there was little to stop the engineering might of the guys who designed rocket (Me-163) and jet (Me-262) when everyone else was still trying to figure out how to make propeller planes and Daimler-Benz produced the first Unimog prototype in 1946.  This 1962 Unimog 404 was a Swiss Troop carrier but is now fully legally registered in the USA and for sale in Carson City, NV for $9250 via craigslist.  Seller submission from Tom D.

This Unimog was imported into the USA back in the 1990s and the seller states that everything was done legitimately.  The condition looks decent and everything is functioning, but the seller admits he doesn't know what the big red buttom on the dash does...only one way to find out...PRESS IT!!  We've heard of military vehicles having battle override switches that give the engine a few extra horsepower/boost/revvs at the expensive of longevity (those few extra mph may save a soldiers life but the vehicle will only last 100 miles with the settings), but this button is still a mystery.

The only thing missing from this truck to make it a good apocalypse survival vehicle are the rear roof bows and cargo cover, but it the meantime it will make a fantastic weekend Home Depot hauler.

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