Friday, August 9, 2013

10k: BOGO Concept Car: 1978 Pontiac Grand Am

The 2nd generation Pontiac Grand Am was a G-body GM offering that frankly most people have forgotten or would prefer to forget.  Its wasn't just that 1978 was the depths of low compression engines and poor engineering solutions to emissions problems (huge smog/air pumps, electronic carbs...etc), but the Grand Am was just so forgettable compared to the Buick Regal.  However, an actual factory concept car for less than 10 grand makes the old ears perk up...even if it is a Grand Am.  Find this 1978 Pontiac Grand Am factory concept car for sale in Albuquerque, NM for $8,500 with a free bonus parts car!  Tip from Paul M.

The expression "a Manet" comes to mind mind when you look at this Grand Am, because from a distance it looks somewhat cool, but up close it just looks like crap.  The owner describes it as "fair to good" running condition, but "needs a full restoration"...yeah...lots of good running cars need full restorations.  This one is a project and will need some of your time and money to recapture some of its former malaise era glory.

See a better G-body?

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