Thursday, July 18, 2013

Special Thanks To Our Readers/Tippers/Commenters

We won't do a COY award (Commenter of the Year) because it would be unfair to all of the commenters/tippers who submit fantastic tips and hilarious comments and didn't win, so this is a special post dedicated to thanking individual folks who have made a huge impact on this site.  Our only request is to comment early and comment often...the more the better!

Editor-in-Chief, Vince B: I'd also like to personally thank everyone who has sent in a tip or simple words of encouragement, you'd be surprised at how often I'm in a rut and get a simple tip that includes the words "Love the site" or "Keep up the good work" or "Stop listing my cars or I will sue you somofabitches into the stone age" and I instantly feel refreshed and invigorated.

Here are some thanks, in no particular order...

Scot:  One of our first regular tippers and whimsically called the "DT Stalker" around the office.  All-around nice guy and always has great tips for us and insightful comments.

Kaibeezy: Can't thank KBZ enough, he should run his own SF Bay area DT extension website because his tips are consistent and excellent.  He was also an excellent resource for the recent 50in24 feature and became part of the team, helping to find cars, create the list and generate posts.

ABNMike: A stand up guy who stood up in uniform for our country and sold his reliable Honda Element to buy something horrible that we recommended...what have we done?

Paul M: Regular tips featuring obscure oddities that would make good drivers...yeah...we owe him a few beers.

Oldsmobuick: Lots of great tips on 60s classics, police package cars and Brougham themed stuff. Another huge wagon enthusiast and good tipper.

Arthur C:  Regularly sends us good tips on V8 volvos and good 5-spd equipped classics.

Sputters: Consistent and pointed comments, seems like the kind of guy who'd help us pull/dispose of a tranny from a car...either attached to the engine or dead in the trunk.

Andy L: Been with us since the beginning and has been a source of excellent tips and regular encouragement. 

Doctordel: All around Volvo enthusiast, 24 Hrs of LeMons racer and was the first person to purchase a car found on this website...seriously dude if you are ever in LA area, look us up.

San Jose Scot: A super sharp eye for details and BS when looking at cars for sale, the kind of guy you'd want to bring along for a test drive.

Ian @JewelorJalopy: A kindred spirit, young father and jalopy enthusiast.  He has created a great idea to connect buyers & experts/inspectors, more in the coming days.

Anonymous: By far our most opinionated and prolific commenter, has owned thousands of vehicles, lived in hundreds of countries and regularly contributes.  Sometimes says things that make him sound like an asshat.

Rod S: Fellow cheap-speed enthusiast with an eye for Teutonic cruisers, another good guy who we owe a slice of pizza and a beer.

Ryan T: A recent addition who sent us top tips on a bunch of the 50in24 cars - keep em coming, great eye for value.

Jimboz: Makes great comments and loves great huge Lincoln 2-door land barges...good guy in our book!

Scooter: A regular commenter and tipper who is attracted to BMWs like moths to a flame.

William R: Seems to be a genuine expert on low buck value from cars.  Probably someone who'd spend his weekend helping you pull an engine.

IgnatiusReilly: An early addition to DT, great tipper of low buck late model classics, insightful commenter --but most importantly a fellow fan of John Kennedy Toole's epic novel "A Confederacy of Dunces."

Le Malbadon: A regular commenter and insightful guy.  Seems to have good taste in 80s classics.

Tinman: Lots of good comments over the past few months.

Tamas: Early adopter, regular submitter, contributor of content (Targa Cali...still needs finishing touches and for someone to hit publish...) and finder of great vintage stuff.

2VT: Great insightful comments and a good sense of humor, someone else we'd probably enjoy grabbing a beer with.

Bill H: Another great commenter who seems like the kind of guy we'd feel comfortable letting live in our garage.

Doug M:  A really nice seller that we got to meet in person and an inspiration to all dreamers young and old.  Also he invented the Robosaurus.

Larry: Another regular commenter with insightful comments and a keen eye for BS.

OneFish TwoFish: Some say his pomade smells of naval jelly. Still others claim that his car sleeps in bed with his wife, and he himself crashes in the driveway. All we know is...he's called OneFish TwoFish.

Tanj!: A prior winner of the COW award and he didn't get too upset when we mangled his pseudonym...another commenter owed multiple beers.

Brent F:  Been with DT since almost the beginning and has provided occasional great tips and regular comments.

Friar Tuck:  Glad to know they finally got high speed wireless internet access in Sherwood forest, because FT's comments are excellent!

This is only a short list and lots of other people could be added, but if your name isn't on this list please don't feel that your comments/tips are not appreciated, we read every one and try to adjust the site to keep the readers happy.  Comments, tips and emails are the only forms of feedback we ever 'em coming!


  1. Love the personalized messages.

  2. ~ i'm changing my handle, just call me "DT Stalker". is that a complement? you didn't have to mention my 'peculiar odor'. oooups... my bad, that was 'particular order'.
    . this group is lofty company, i'm humbly honored to be mentioned in the same breath as these knowledgeable folks. it really has been a fantastic first year and 50 in 24 is an outstanding anniversary celebration. we're all grateful to Vince, Chris, Hunsbloger and all those who shared in bringing so much entertainment to us. and for such a reasonable price, too.
    . anxious to hear about Ian's concept!

  3. If anyone needs help Im there. But usually within a 300 mile radius. Im usually the guy with the useless car facts in tmy group, if I dont know about somthing I know where to get the info easily. thanks. Id love to give a hand on that volvo project, and If I didnt live in a eastern province up north Id be there.

  4. There are few things I like more than searching used car ads and reading what DT has written about their favorites. Maybe in the future a Cannonball Run event could be organized where readers try to find examples the 70s vintage cars that participated in the original coast to coast events. Ever seen the list? Almost every car on there fits the DT profile pretty well.

  5. Your cars are compelling, your prose entertaining, your commenters erudite. If I had my way, this site wouldn't change one iota from now until gas returns to 88 cents a gallon. The hyperlinked references are an especially helpful touch for those of us who are cerebrally challenged so I am particularly grateful for those (I thought that the entire confederacy was made up of dunces, so who knew?) I get out to Venice Beach and Malibu a couple times a year so some tacos al pastor and a bucket of dos equis sounds like a good plan. As long as you keep feeding the urge I'll keep my daily DT injections right on schedule and tell anyone who will listen about the best car site on the web. The first hit is always free, isn't it? That's how they get you...


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