Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DT Guest Post: Jewel Or Jalopy: Pre Purchase Inspections By Car Enthusiasts

We’ve all been there – you’ve found a car on Daily Turismo that looks great, but you know that the vague descriptions and out-of-focus photos in many car ads can easily hide potentially expensive and time-consuming issues.  You want to know more but you're not ready to ask the seller to take the car to a mechanic for a full-blown inspection. What you want is someone knowledgeable who can go look at it, check it out, and report back. That's where Jewel or Jalopy comes in. (Ed Itor: This is a guest post from Ian and Kim Lomax @  No money exchanged hands, no tit-for-tat, JorJ didn't buy us a t-bone steak, an autographed picture of Amanda Bynes or a box of matches...nutthin...but I keep checking the mailbox each day.)

Jewel or Jalopy (, the first website of its kind, connects car buyers to a local, knowledgeable car enthusiast to perform a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) on the vehicle.
If you find a car for sale in another state, you can search for a car enthusiast that lives near the car to check it out for you. Inspectors can verify the details in the ad, take digital photos of the car, check for damage, take the vehicle for a test drive and report back to you.  Or, if the car is located nearby, you might want an extra set of eyes and a neutral, knowledgeable voice to help with the transaction. 

Jewel or Jalopy inspectors range from car enthusiasts who have owned or maintained a specific type of car and know the key areas to inspect, to certified mechanics and owners of restoration shops who have experience with multiple types of cars. Some inspectors are marque experts and concours judges, while others are editors at major classic car magazines. The one thing they have in common is that they are all car enthusiasts.

Find an inspector now!  Or if you're a car enthusiast, create a profile that showcases your car knowledge and start earning money from your car knowledge. Learn more at:

DT Editor Note: Jewel or Jalopy is a great resource for long distance car shoppers and a must have for buying a make/model that is unfamiliar to you.  Better yet, even if you've already bid/won a car on ebay, you can still use JorJ to inspect it before putting down any money because all bids on ebay motors are non-binding per eBay's user policy.  A car may look great in the photos/desc, but only a good in person inspection will tell the entire story.

Photo credits: Daily Turismo.


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