Tuesday, July 16, 2013

DT Birthday Celebration, 24Hrs & 50 Cars: The List.

As we previously mentioned our upcoming birthday celebration is going to be a mad dash to write 50 features in one insane day.  Oddly enough it feels like the hard part is over because we've selected the 50 makes/models and put them in one big list...but the truth is that finding, sorting and blogging about these cars is going to take some effort.  This is where we need your help!  We are looking for sharp eyed readers to find us clean, good value, inexpensive (less than $20k, except where noted) and unique examples of the cars listed below. We want to see reader tips, seller tips, tri-tips and roadkill, so stop what you are doing and send us tips! tips@dailyturismo.com

List after the jump.

#NicknameModel Year(s)MakeModelNotes/Generation
1Tracy1995-2001AcuraIntegra Type R100% Stock
2Ashley1901-2013Any MakeStraight-8Straight-8 Power
3Barbara1986-1991BMWM3E30, stock
4Lindsey1995-1999BMWM3E36, stock, 5-spd
7Francine1965BuickRivieraGran Sport
9Erin1987-1992ChevroletCamaro3rd gen, L98, 5-spd
10Stacey2004ChevroletCorvette Z06LeMans Z16 Edition
11Ruby1964-1969ChevroletCorvairPrefer nice V8 swap
12Candy1967ChevroletCorvette327/350 4spd, $50k limit
14Maria1970-1974Fiat124 Spider
15Angelina1989-1995FordThunderbird SC5-spd
16Barbie1967-1968FordMustang Convertible
17Megan1992-1993GMC Typhoon
19Alma1988-1990IsuzuImpulseHandling by Lotus
20Kittie1974-1976JaguarXJ6W/ V8 conversion
21Clarice1960-1969JaguarMkII3.8l, 4spd, $25k limit
23Rose1968-1973LanciaFulvia Sport Zagato
24Hillary2004-2006LexusLS 430
25Diane1971-1975LotusEuropaTwin Cam, Big Valve
26Sandy1960-1980MaseratiAnyBora if possible
27Helga1969Mercedes-Benz280 SW108
28Donna2001-2009Mercedes-BenzCLK55 AMGW208
29Ethyl1945-1955MGTC, TD or TF
31Ariel1971-1973OpelManta A
32Patricia1962PontiacGrand Prix 8-lug
33Sharon1965-1967Pontiac TempestGTO Clone
35Pamela1990-1994Porsche911964, C2, 5-spd
36Tina1999-2001Porsche911996, 6-spd
37Marsha2001-2005PorscheBoxster S986
38Helga1950-1975SAABAny Model2-Stroke power
39Vanessa1986ShelbyGLH-S Omni
40Naoki2004-2007SubaruImpreza STi6-spd
41Eileen1992-1996Subaru SVXMT Swap
42Mary1971-1974ToyotaRA20 Celica1st gen, 5-spd
43Nadine1988-1989ToyotaMR2 Supercharged5-spd
44Jennifer1985ToyotaHilux 4x4 SR5 TruckXtra cab, black, EFI
45Lynn1993-2002ToyotaSupra Turbo6-spd. 100% stock
46Regina1969-1975TriumphTR6Hardtop and overdrive
47Kimberley1956-1970Volvo122/Amazon Wagon
49Lisbeth2007VolvoV70RAWD, 6-spd manual
50Greta1977-1981VWSciroccoMk1, 5spd

Feel free to email us tips or just paste them into the comments below, we appreciate every tip and will strive to give thanks for each one used.


  1. Rose - http://www.usedcarmotormallgr.com/1967_Lancia_Lancia_Grand%20Rapids_MI_190288905.veh

  2. Cowgirl- this one hurts because there was a great buy on a builder that closed sunday on Ebay. Here's a restomodded one that will not reach its price, but...http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1957-BUICK-CENTURY-CABALLERO-WAGON-/321162260020?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item4ac6c32e34

  3. Tina- http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-cars-sale/761090-1999-911c2.html

    Dig the seats! Those Euro GT3 seats run a couple bills if you buy them on their own.

    Pamela - http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-cars-sale/760587-1992-porsche-911-964-c2-5spd-coupe-sale.html

    Oof. Sale pending, still hot.

  4. Greta(s):



  5. Tips are pouring in, response is incredible! Thanks to everyone and keep it up, tomorrow will be epic.

    DT Staff

  6. 48 Eleanor P1800 '64, claimed mechanical restoration in last 100 miles:

  7. Naoki 2004 wrx sti http://denver.craigslist.org/cto/3927963887.html

  8. Sandy


    It's not a Bora, she's a bit over $20k, and is described as a "project"....but she runs!

  9. My nephew has a Tracy, not sure if 100% stock, but pretty much... not selling it though... sorry.


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