Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Big Thanks To Tippers! Only A Few Ladies Outstanding

The DT staff wants to say thank you for the excellent tips and tomorrow is going to be a crazy day of 50 posts!!  Still need Tracy, Barbara, Lindsey, Erin, Ruby, Barbie, Megan, Alma, Kittie, Clarice, Denise, Patricia, Paula, Vanessa, Eileen, Jennifer & Lynn.  Thanks to everyone who posted or sent in a tip, we've gotten almost 100 tips so far and keep 'em coming!

Full list after the jump..

#NicknameModel Year(s)MakeModelNotes/Generation
1Tracy1995-2001AcuraIntegra Type R100% Stock
2Ashley1901-2013Any MakeStraight-8Straight-8 Power
3Barbara1986-1991BMWM3E30, stock
4Lindsey1995-1999BMWM3E36, stock, 5-spd
7Francine1965BuickRivieraGran Sport
9Erin1987-1992ChevroletCamaro3rd gen, L98, 5-spd
10Stacey2004ChevroletCorvette Z06LeMans Z16 Edition
11Ruby1964-1969ChevroletCorvairPrefer nice V8 swap
12Candy1967ChevroletCorvette327/350 4spd, $50k
14Maria1970-1974Fiat124 Spider
15Angelina1989-1995FordThunderbird SC5-spd
16Barbie1967-1968FordMustang Convertible
17Megan1992-1993GMC Typhoon
19Alma1988-1990IsuzuImpulseHandling by Lotus
20Kittie1974-1976JaguarXJ6W/ V8 conversion
21Clarice1960-1969JaguarMkII3.8l, 4spd, $25k limit
23Rose1968-1973LanciaFulvia Sport Zagato
24Hillary2004-2006LexusLS 430
25Diane1971-1975LotusEuropaTwin Cam, Big Valve
26Sandy1960-1980MaseratiAnyBora if possible
27Helga1969Mercedes-Benz280 SW108
28Donna2001-2009Mercedes-BenzCLK55 AMGW208
29Ethyl1945-1955MGTC, TD or TF
31Ariel1971-1973OpelManta A
32Patricia1962PontiacGrand Prix 8-lug
33Sharon1965-1967Pontiac TempestGTO Clone
35Pamela1990-1994Porsche911964, C2, 5-spd
36Tina1999-2001Porsche911996, 6-spd
37Marsha2001-2005PorscheBoxster S986
38Helga1950-1975SAABAny Model2-Stroke power
39Vanessa1986ShelbyGLH-S Omni
40Naoki2004-2007SubaruImpreza STi6-spd
41Eileen1992-1996Subaru SVXMT Swap
42Mary1971-1974ToyotaRA20 Celica1st gen, 5-spd
43Nadine1988-1989ToyotaMR2 Supercharged5-spd
44Jennifer1985ToyotaHilux 4x4 SR5 TruckXtra cab, black, EFI
45Lynn1993-2002ToyotaSupra Turbo6-spd. 100% stock
46Regina1969-1975TriumphTR6Hardtop and overdrive
47Kimberley1956-1970Volvo122/Amazon Wagon
49Lisbeth2007VolvoV70RAWD, 6-spd manual
50Greta1977-1981VWSciroccoMk1, 5spd

1 comment:

  1. ~ have not been looking for specific examples from your list, i confess but this drew my attention because we have read of it for a very long time.
    i thought the car had changed hands in May at a price buyer AND seller found acceptable. no explainable reason is given for its reappearance.


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