Thursday, July 18, 2013

5k: Stephanie's Sister: 1972 BMW Bavaria, E3 New Six 2800

We were positively deluged with tips the past few days and now have the rare opportunity to share many of the gems that didn't quite make the top 50.  First up is another classic piece of iron from Germany that is offered for an exceptional price.  Find this 1972 BMW Bavaria 2800 E3 for sale in Vancouver, WA for $2500 via craigslist.  (Ed's note: No rest for the wicked --back to the grind...)

This is the ideal candidate for someone who can do his own body work or knows a local shop that can fix it up for cheap because the seller claims that it runs great and a fair amount of recent mechanical work has been thrown at it.   The 2800 designation means it was equipped with leather, power windows and a 170 horsepower (SAE gross) 2.8 liter inline-6.

Budget a few grand for paint, and six months later Bob's your uncle and he is going to want this sweet 4-spd Bavaria that you've only invested $5k into. 

See a better beater Bavaria?  you know the drill:


  1. 170 ponies is not bad for a '72 inline 6.

  2. ^^this. The modern BMW mills from the e36 and e46 were always a tad underpowered (or maybe just factory-advertised that way) compared to Japan's offerings at the time. This 40+ year old rating seems pretty stout and should move this New Class out of its own way pretty well.

  3. I have a 1970 2800 in stock configuration with the twin zeniths. It will cruise all day long at 90 mph. That's with the tach at about 3200 RPMs with a redline of 6500 RPMs.


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