Sunday, June 23, 2013

Flash: Hell Camino: 1973 Citroën DS Pickup

The Citroën DS (pronounced Déesse, like the French word for goddess) was a front-wheel-drive oddity built from 1955-1975.  Citroën never made a pickup version of the means that any El Camino versions are "custom."  Find this 1973 Citroën DS pickup for sale in Long Beach, CA for an undisclosed price via craiglist. Big thanks to tip from the other Bill H.


  1. I really do have to salute Nico. This magnificent bastard has managed to do the impossible. No, I don't mean dividing by zero. But this is close. This is no less than combining bizarre vision to factory weirdness.

    Even more amazing is, instead of starting out as one of the usual wagons, this one was a very rare in the US '74 (our last ones were in '72) sedan.

    In a long career of working on and playing with these, I've seen a few of these "pick-up" conversions, good, bad, and indifferent. This one is definitely NOT indifferent.

  2. Actually a cool looking car. Saw this one cruising down Ocean Blvd a few weeks ago, and I had to take a few looks at it.


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