Friday, June 14, 2013

Flash: Blank Canvas: 1985 VW Vanagon w/EJ22 Swap parts

It will seem like a fantastic idea at the time, painting a car with chalkboard paint and letting random people draw on your car...but in truth, it is just an invitation to drive around with male private bits scrawled all over the side of your car. Great if you've got a mobile sperm bank, but pretty horrific if you do anything else for a living.  Find this 1985 VW Vanagon with (Subaru EJ22 swap parts ready) in Austin, TX at $2300 asking via craigslist.


  1. You know what popped into my mind as soon as i saw the Scooby parts for the swap? Yep, that's right:

    "Come on Scooby Doo,
    Where are you?
    We need some help from you now..."

    Shaggy standing in front didn't help.

  2. Makes ya long for a Greatful Dead concert to drive to.

    1. That, or watch "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" again.

      "I can totally fix this.My dad's a TV repair man. He has this awesome set of tools."


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