Thursday, June 6, 2013

5k: Ingrid's Twin: 1982 Volvo 242 DL

A little over a week ago we posted up a very minty clean blue '83 Volvo 240 wagon...and you can imagine the surprise when we found another blue beauty sitting in our inbox. Was it the same car?  Had it shed its rear doors and functional hatch space for the sporty lines of a 2-door saloon car?  Find this 1982 Volvo 242 DL auto for sale in Milford, MA currently bidding on ebay near $5k with reserve not met and 3 days to go.  Tip from the OG tipper: Scot C.

The paint looks great on this blue beast, and has been recently resprayed according to the seller. We would check the quality of bodywork before bidding though. This "Scotia Blue" single stage paint really compliments the whole 240 vibe, so hopefully there aren't 1/4" thick swaths of Bondo hiding pieces of stop signs riveted onto the steel.

This engine is clean enough to use for an operating table, but it's the garden variety 2.1 liter B21F with K-Jetronic mechanical continuous injection. These work fine for daily drivers and are solid little tractor motors, but you will by no means mistake this for a Turbo or V8 powered 240.

The dash looks great but seems to be capped from the pictures provided. Could be an ipd ABS dash cap painted blue to match the interior. The seats look like they have been reupholstered too, but certainly nicer than 99% of 1982 Volvos you will find for sale. The genuine Volvo R-Sport steering wheel is a period correct touch that will vastly improve the driving experience vs. the stock nautical ship's wheel.

We are a little bit surprised to see bidding this high on an automatic equipped 242, no matter how clean, but it does show that these little bricks are starting to get some attention from collectors and hipsters alike. The car would look better with a bumper swap to the '83-'85, slimmer black plastic covered variety and perhaps a different choice of wheel. A turbo can easily be added to this longblock for more power, and injection system upgraded to LH-Jet EFI. A manual trans swap is straightforward too. That's the great thing about 240s...building one is like Lego, just mix and match parts to your own personal taste. They are even available in three different body flavors: 2-door, 4-door, and wagon.

Find a better blue brick? Email us here:


  1. ~ it seems to me that 242s have really picked up in their popularity recently, and this one resets the bar.

    1. ~ at $5800 this one is high potential, too. (aside from the paint i like it nearly as well)

  2. ~ and while we're (i'm) on the topic, another on eBay:
    these are 3 of the best Volvos i have seen in some time, and i'm a wagon guy. in the mid-west they are becoming scarce.


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