Thursday, June 6, 2013

5k Flash: DTPC's Twin: 1983 Volvo 242

Time for a double-242 Thorsday, this one being an extremely minty fresh 1983 model. It happens to be a twin to our Daily Turismo Project Car, in specification, model year, and options. Compared to the 1982 blue car just featured this one seems to be mostly original or refreshed, but not restored. 152k miles means it's got at least 50% of its usable life left in it. Find it here on ebay in Portland, Oregon with bidding at $5k, reserve met, and only a few hours to go. The white beauty is being sold by R-Sport International, a respected Volvo builder and custom parts manufacturer. We were going to post this one anyways but Scot beat us to it with a link in the last feature!


  1. ~ i'm sorry, didn't mean to crash the party - this interior makes me drool! i don't recall a recent chance to choose from three 2doors this fine.

  2. 50% of its usable life left? Hell, I was at a car show in Lahti, Finland a couple weeks ago and there was a 240 wagon of this vintage with over 2 million miles on it. (Postal service use.)

    1. At least 50%...and that's if you're trying to kill it!


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