Monday, June 3, 2013

10k: Rover Power: 1974 Triumph TR6, Rover V8

The Triumph TR6 was a popular British roadster sold from 1969 to 1976, and was powered by a 2.5 liter inline-6 engine which sounded great compared to the 1.8 liter in the MGB, but a low-compression carburetted tune for the US market meant it was just as slow as its 4-cylinder competition.  Driving a vintage TR6 is a scarf-and-glove affair where you enjoy the scenery and savor the sunshine because getting anywhere is going to take you some time...unless you shove a cammed all-alloy Rover 3.5 V8 into the front.  Find this 1974 Triumph TR6 with Rover V8 and 5spd for sale in Pittsburgh, PA currently bidding on ebay for $8,250 reserve-not-met with a few hours to go.

This TR6 is covered in a very sterile coat of white paint and while we would normally prefer a nice color (BRG?) on a classic roadster, the white reminds us of a lab coat.  Perhaps Bruce Banner's lab coat, because firing up the V8 will make you turn green and awaken your inner maniac...HULK DOESN'T LIKE LOUD NOISES..AAAAGGGGG!

TRIUMPH SMASH!!  (editors note, we have regained control of the keyboard...nothing to see here).   The 3.5 liter alloy configuration is a descendant of the old Buick-Olds-Pontiac 215 V8, but this one was sold new in a Rover 3500S and made 180 horsepower before adding an aftermarket cam, headers, intake, carb...rough guess 250 horsepower or 2.5 times the power of the original Triumph brick-6 and probably less weight.

The inside of this Triumph dates from an era when British car engineers were still coming to terms with the slow and painful death of the British car industry.  Material choice looks to have been selected via Ouija board and makes us want to ask the eternal question; "What were they thinking?" To be fair, this is likely a refurbed and modified interior; we spy a "custom" looking center console so the plywood dash and tweed upholstery was probably the manifestation of an early-'90s turquoise and fuchsia induced coma. At least the colors are tame here.

Overall this car currently isn't priced bad at all for what it is the BIG but...the reserve isn't met.  There is a chance that only a few more bids will find a winner, or the seller has some kind of lofty aspirations for 911 money for this TRV8.

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  1. Get rid of that ridiculous 'hand picked' plywood dash/topographic map and beige burlap interior. Then, go with one brand of gaugues (autometer).

  2. Why the faint stripes over the bonnet? Is that a triumph thing?

  3. Nicely done engine upgrade. Wish I could say the same about the (plywood?) dash, interior and bumper delete.

  4. Can never have too many u's. Especially when you're nit picking about something that should have been done better. Please excuuse my typo above.

  5. The listing above is a little curious as I am pretty sure the car was in Virginia with a new owner as of 2013? I do know that it now has a correct Triumph interior in it and no roll bar but otherwise still looks the same and runs very well.


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