Monday, April 8, 2013

DT Commenter of the Week: Flat-6 Riddle Solved

We've featured our fair share of engine swaps on these pages, but none as perplexing as the seemly downgraded GD-chassis Subaru Impreza that was powered by a SVX flat-6.  Thankfully, one of our readers was paying attention and posted the following comment: "The reason for the powertrain swap is due to classing rules for rally. In the US the main rally organization classes cars based on 2wd/4wd and NA/Forced Induction.  So by putting in a NA motor it allows them to compete in the NA class. It is also a requirement for novice drivers to start their career in a non turbo vehicle. So it's not to uncommon to see teams drop a NA motor into an impreza chassis."

Click through the jump for the winner.

Congrats to Tanj! (NOT Kanj!) for taking the time to educate us on the finer points of rally racing.  Your prize is a picture of a Ford GT we took in the basement of a downtown San Francisco parking structure hiding from public view.  Perhaps in the future this super-car will get a downgraded 5.0 N/A Mustang motor shoved amidships (for Rally!) and we will be able to feature it on these pages...(right after pigs fly).

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  1. Well done, y'all. I was equally perplexed until Kanj! laid down some knowledge on me. Testify!

  2. Haha I win the commenter of the week award and they misspell my name. High fives all around!

    1. Boooo... :( ! Sorry, it was late... whiskey, etc...but I have no excuse... fixed it!


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