Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5k: Suicidal Tendencies: 1962 Lincoln Continental Sedan

The 4th generation Lincoln Continental is one of the most recognizable Lincoln cars from any era.  The 1961-1969 Continental has seen lots of screen time, from its use in the only recorded assassination of a US President to its feature in such films as Goldfinger & The Matrix.  With all of this publicity it is surprising for us to find a seemingly good condition example for a seriously fair price.  Find this 1962 Lincoln Continental Sedan for sale in Portland, OR for $5500 via craigslist.  Big thanks to tip from Ian.

A Lincoln Continental in decent shape typically commands a price in the $10k range, so we will approach this 1/2 price classic with some skepticism.  Continentals in the $5k price range typically have large amounts of rust or are total projects like this one on ebay.

The interior looks surprisingly liveable; it isn't concours restored, but it certainly be used to take a girl out on a date (this the best litmus test for a DT car purchase - would you take a girl on a date or drive your mom to the airport?  If the answer is no, you probably will need to spend lots of cash, stay away!).  This Conti is powered by a 7.0 liter V8 that puts out 300 horsepower and 465 ft-lbs of reality bending torque. 

The real clue to the seemingly low cost of this Conti could be somewhere near where the owner mentions the installation of a replacement flywheel.  Presumably he is having starting issues related to a worn ring gear on the flywheel, but it could also be an issue of an incorrectly installed or wrong starter.  Anyway, if you don't buy this car we are pretty sure that tipster Ian will.  His words: "Ack, please post this and help sell it before I go look at it!"

See a better 5000 lb hunk of steel? email us here:


  1. ~ need to explain presence of jack-stands under front end.

    1. May have been from working on starter flywheel issues

    2. Probably the airbag suspension isn't holding pressure up front, is my guess. I'd make sure I could get NOS parts or otherwise get it repaired reasonably before I bought it, but that interior is in such good condition it's tempting as is.

  2. These are some of my favorite 4-door cars and I would like to own one some day. Luckily, they have avoided the price inflation that has visited everything with 2 doors made before 1973 (sometimes beyond). It is one of the few real classics that can be owned by us blue-collar types anymore.

  3. >> This Conti is powered by a 7.0 liter V8 that puts
    >> out 300 horsepower and 465 ft-lbs of reality bending
    >> torque.

    Had a '68 in High School with the 460, this should be a 462 FE IIRC. Not sure about "reality bending" but it sure had "motor mount breaking" torque.

  4. Someone buy it before I go look at it! I could fix the starter, but finding a nice original interior like that is tough!

  5. ~ hell cruise comin'.
    ultimate fratmobile?


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