Monday, April 8, 2013

5k Seller Sub: 1947 Dodge 1/2 Ton Pickup

The pre-war Dodge Truck was a classic big body-on-frame pickup that continued through 1947 before being replaced with by the 50s style Dodge B-Series.  We like the original Truck because it prominently features classic 30s/40s streamline style and was built from thick metal that will take millenia to rust back into the earth.  Find this 1947 Dodge 1/2 ton pickup for sale in Turlock, CA, currently bidding on ebay for $3,650 with 4 days to go.  Submission from DT reader Chris.

The seller states that he purchased this truck from the grandson of the original owner and it has been sitting in the California Central Valley for the past few years and has 1960s era black plates in the photos.  The truck appears to be fairly complete and the current biding price leaves plenty of money for restoration.

This big truck is powered by a 230 cubic inch inline-6 mated to a 3 speed manual transmission.  It made something in the realm of 75 horsepower when new, but expect to drive this truck like a piece of farm equipment (keep right!) unless you do some kind of engine swap.

This truck will need some reconditioning, but most of the non-decomposable parts of the interior seem to be still here.

This truck delivers a huge cool-to-buck ratio and we would be tempted to do a mechanical restoration but leave the exterior just the way it is.  Call it a Dodge Patinawagon?

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  1. ~ first thought was restore it completely or swap in more power and rod it. but looking the picture album over changes my mind. this is a real diamond in the rough and ought to stay that way. i see hoards of old trucks in claimed original patina these days, almost to the point of tiring of them. but this is a cool piece. stay off the expressway with the flathead six.

  2. Make it driveable with some modern brakes and maybe an old poly 318 and a manual trans of some sort. Have the original engine and trans rebuilt and tuck it away for a while, when you get board of it replace the 318 with the stock parts and restore it to how it was new.

  3. Some years back I ALMOST bought the very same model and year truck from the original owner, a lemon grower in La Mesa California. A 3/4 ton it was geared so low that short of installing an overdrive, that puppy couldnt do 40 mph with a tail wind. But it was the real deal. So is this. The rear view mirror alone is worth the price of admission. Just install a different rear end!


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