Wednesday, April 3, 2013

5k: Savage Apex Hunter: 1968 Ford Cortina MkII Essex Race Car; TrackRat

The Ford Cortina was a compact sedan built by Ford of Britian and exported around the world to compete with BMW 2002, Chevy Corvair and similar sporty small sedans.  The Cortina isn't commonly seen on this side of the Atlantic, but a welcome change from the typical overweight Ford from the 60s and 70s.  Find this 1968 Ford Cortina MkII Essex Track Rat for sale in Sonoma, CA currently bidding for $5,000 on ebay with 4 days to go.

This Cortina is offered for sale by Left Coast Classics - a regular ebay seller who deals specifically in classics and has a nice collection of cars for sale at any time.  This particular one is cool for its vintage looks and track ready demeanor, but looks like you'll need a trailer to get this to the track as it is listed in the 'not-street-legal' section of ebay.

The engine in this beast is a V6 developed by a South African company as a conversion for the normally inline-4 powered MkII Cortina.  It was called the Savage and is a 2.9 liter V6 with all kinds of Cosworth goodies that amp the power to a respectable 300 horsepower.

The inside of this Savage isn't that civilized and will be perfect for the track, but not so good for hauling the kids to soccer practice.

We expect this car to finish auction somewhere below $10k, making it a very affordable alternative to most 300 horsepower vintage track cars.

See a better track rat?  email us here:

1 comment:

  1. Possibly the saddest words in the world: "Reserve not met".

    Love this, since my first car was a Cortina GT Mark 2. Very nicely executed. Colours are appealing. With the engine swap, I doubt this would qualify for any Vintage racing class, but you can always enter in a sedan/GT class, and just have fun.

    If they change their minds about the reserve, I'll stroke the cheque for $5K anytime.



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