Thursday, April 25, 2013

5k: Pacevan Of The Apocalypse: 1964 Ford Econoline Van (Decked Out!)

When the apocalypse comes it is best to be prepared for whatever lunacy awaits us.  It isn't a good idea (no matter what the prepper websites tell you) to get yourself a bunch of water and ammo and hope to hunker down and avoid the fight..we at the Daily Turismo believe you should secure a nice truck or van to be able to plow through hordes of zombies or whatever it is that awaits us.  Someone will need to lead the charge and we've found the perfect Pacevan of the Apocalypse, this 1964 Ford Econoline Van (Decked Out!) for $4500 in Half Moon Bay, CA via craigslist. Tip from Kaibeezy!

The Pacevan of the Apocalypse is covered in a sweet flames in the front, but leaves lots of 'canvas' on the side for some kind of Aztec/Inca mural or maybe a graphic asserting its role as pacecar when the four horsemen show up.  The simple salt-flat looking aero wheel covers are a nice match for the slab styling of the Econoline and the only thing we'd do is put the thin white wall tire stripes on the inside.

The stock inline six has been tossed aside and in its place is a Ford 4.7 liter 289 V8 that probably makes something less than 200 horsepower as set up, but according to the owner: it can "haul a 1000lbs of lumber in the back and go straight up a hill without even noticing."

The inside is a bit of a mess, but for this price you didn't expect to see something nice...did you?  It could certainly use a good bath and maybe some new parts, but it is a working vehicle so who cares.  The cargo area is empty and coated in truck bed liner for ultimate form-follows-function utility. Once the Battle of Los Angeles starts this interior will see enough gore splatter to make its current condition look awesome in comparison, so we'd suggest focusing your attention elsewhere.

As an added bonus the seller says those visible side pipes make the car sound awesome and are set up for flamethrowers...which would be great for keeping the undead away from the side windows.  Not so good for avoiding the attention of the local PD...but most cops will probably agree this van is awesome and forgive a few brushfires from time to time.

See a better pacevehicle of the apocalypse?  email us here:

1 comment:

  1. Wouldn't one want a vehicle with a windshield and front fascia farther away from one's legs and face to prevent intrusion in the event of collision with zombies or abandoned cars at 70mph?

    In addition, the use of A/C and heat would provide those in constant stressful situations a little respite, giving them more stamina and energy to fight the undead.

    I call ZombieFood on this one.


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