Saturday, April 20, 2013

5k Flash: Pickup The Pieces: 1965 Dodge A100 Pickup

The A100 was a lineup of cab-over style vans from Chrysler's Dodge brand and sold from 1964-1970.  Today they are sought after for their funky looks, basic reliability and form-follows-function utility.  This A100 is the domestic equivalent of the VW Van, but without the 450 window variants that command stupid amounts of money.  Find this 1965 Dodge A100 Pickup for sale in Kingsville, OH currently bidding on ebay for $3,250 reserve-not-met with 11 hours to go.

 This A100 isn't in great shape, but the price is low and it runs/drives.

No one will be amazed by the performance of the Slant Six engine sitting next to the driver (it is either the 170 or 225 cubic inch version - perhaps a reader can identify it, this is outside our normal expertise.)

The seller admits that he recently purchased it at an estate sale and is probably looking to make a few bucks on it, but it seems like a good vehicle to put in the time to make it a driver and leave the cosmetics alone.

See a better pickup for less? email us here:

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