Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5k: The Emerald Shitty: 1977 Ford Granada

Today we featured a Ford Granada Ghia that had survived the crusher and has some customization from its owner.  DT regular Scot posted a link to a different SLC Granada in the comments and we couldn't resist a quick link to ANOTHER Granada...so... Find this green-on-green 1977 Ford Granada in St Louis, MO for $3,400.

Nothing says money like this Greenada...just wait till you get a look at the inside!  No word on which of the available I-6 and V8s power this green bean. 

This Granada is decked out in the kind of interior only a magician/ballonist or a Muppet could appreciate. 

Does this Granada make you green with envy nausea?  Send us tips to something that isn't a Granada! tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Not counting the silly Corvette, this is 7 automatic transmissions in a row! Just sayin' ;) I'll be back online soon...

  2. ^^this. Although these are still mighty entertaining. I'm probably just miffed that the slush box ES went to someone who outbid me by 150 lousy bucks. I was getting all excited about a B230 swap and a whole bumper-delete sort of thing... Probably best, anyway since I know either Kaibeezy or Scot will find me another in 3...2...1...

  3. What about the sweet Cordoba I sent over last week? Corinthian leather delete kinda ruined it, I know.

    Anyhoo, just forwarded a pile of shift for you to peruse...

  4. ~ the seller, Alrfredo, text me that the Granada runs with a 250ci six, C-4. it's original & runs great. he is moving & needs to sell for that reason.
    @ kaibeezy, the Cordoba is closer match than an SLC, for sure.
    @ doctordel, we will all be on the look-out.

  5. It's still hard to believe Ford wanted you to confuse that car for a Mercedes.


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