Monday, April 1, 2013

5k: Barn Find: 12X24 Barn For Two Cars/Horses

Our readers have been complaining that we haven't featured enough barn finds recently, so we wanted to start featuring barn finds on a regular basis (daily? hourly?).  So, lets kick off the new quarter with a bang!  Find this undisclosed vintage Barn for sale in Bakersfield, CA for the 'hay -that's cheap' price of $4,500 via craigslist.

 Straight from the horses mouth, we've got the perfect place for you to store a short-wheel-base Ferrari 250, Jaguar E-type or anything know cars that love a good damp environment for proper preservation.  We can't imagine why anyone would park a car in a climate controlled garage or drive it regularly when you could keep it in a tin-roof'd structure and just watch the value skyrocket. 

Rust?  Disintegrating headliners?  Seized engines?  These aren't your problems, these are problems for future you, so stop worrying about adjusting the SPICA fuel injection pump and just take the bus to work.  You may even have a place for a few small pieces of livestock once you fill these two bays with vintage iron.  Maybe a goat to live in your 64 GTO?  A chicken to roost upon the hood of your 77 Firebird?  Just be sure to cover everything with a good layer of dirt before taking dark/fuzzy pictures inside the barn and Jay Leno's people will be over in no time to offer you cold-hard cash for your rare collectible and maybe with some luck you'll be able to upgrade your barn and start storing things like airplanes, freight trains & mining trucks for the ultimate retirement grade barnvestment fund.

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  1. ~ it has every thing i hate about a craigslist ad fail, no interior shots, no mention of mileage, and worst of all, no half-dressed floosies doing their very best Vanna White impression. expect some dealer to flip this on eBay next week at double the sheqels.

  2. Stance looks weird. Needs to be lowered.

  3. I'll provide a horse for your barn purchase for slightly less than the 911S-T. I'll get an auction running on ebay with a side-sale on craigslist just for luck. Pics to follow...


  4. If you think owing a vintage car is expensive, try owing a horse.

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