Friday, April 5, 2013

25k: Cheapest C2 Corvette Ever: 1965 Chevy Corvette

 The C2 Corvette is one of the most desireable of Corvettes - it is prized for its clean/elegant styling, powerful V8 engines and generally looks like a million bucks even un-restored.  We featured an elusive Value-Vette a few weeks back that sold for bargain price of $33k and were astounded to see a C2 offered on craiglist for much...MUCH less.  Find this 1965 Chevy Covette for sale in Dayton, OH for $23,500 via craigslist.

Looks like a typical Vette from this photo - sure, it's seen some fiberglass work in the form of a lip spoiler in the rear and some fender flares, but they seem to be well executed and the paint doesn't look bad.

Inside it's not pretty; there is an automatic shifter were the 4-spd shifter originally lived and for some reason the person who swapped out the manual left the clutch pedal in place.  Despite that, at this point we're still not sure why this is so cheap...

It's not a numbers matching setup anymore - this is a 350 cubic inch crate motor that the seller says is from "elderbroc" likely an ancient ancestor of famed aftermarket parts retailer Edelbrock. Still no reason to make this Vette this cheap... eyes!  It cannot be unseen.  The horror.  Some butcher grafted what looks like the front of a Pontiac GTO or mid-80s Chrysler K-Car on the nose clip of the C2 Vette. For once...words escape me...

See another Whorevette?  Don't email us.  Keep it to yourself.


  1. Come one, fool's day was Monday. This thing is a joke, and a bad one at that. Looks like something from Disney's "Cars". Look long enough and you can see it's mouth move.

  2. Well played, DT. Well played.

  3. "Whorevette". Thank you, sir. Adding that to my lexicon.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I think the last picture enplanes the lower price point....

  6. ~ happy hoaxters, my search is complete.

  7. Someone apparently raided the National Lampoon Salvage yard and got the nose off one of their family trucksters.

  8. Re: "The C2 Corvette is one of the most desireable of Corvettes - it is prized for its clean/elegant styling, powerful V8 engines and generally looks like a million bucks even un-restored. "

    Yeah, except this car is none of the above, after its hideous mods and NOM motor.

  9. Definately a value Vette, I'm not sure I could do it, but I'd be tempted to try, as I cannot see the front as I am driving, and I could put money in slowly (and much sweat equity).
    If it is a true fuelie, this is my dream (however Freddie Krueger has warped it) car, a '65 Fuelie convertible (last year of the fuelie, first year of the disc brakes). I see this selling, though it will need to be proven to be a fuelie and ocerall condition will need to be verified. If it were not for the nose, I'm sure it would have sold already, as I know I am not the only one who could live with the rear and flares. It is the era when these will start coming out of the woodwork more and more, in the '70's many owners had just "old vettes", and sought ways to personalize them, thankfully in my mind it was mostly restrained to the '74-'82 range, but some of the older ones got the glass art (or not as the case may be) given to them.
    Although a front clip may not be too much, the cost of the headlight doors, the mechanism and associated hardware is not cheap, and then you have paint on top of it all. You should be able to stay afloat on this one (if you can do the work yourself), but the fuelie specific parts might drown you, I'm not sure.
    One thing I do know, vweryone will remember that you came their way, because that is a sight not easily forgotten.


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