Sunday, April 28, 2013

1k Flash: Racer Concept: 1962 Oldsmobile F-85 Cutlass

The first generation Cutlass was a compact car from Oldsmobile sharing the A-body platform with Buick Special, Pontiac Tempest and Chevy Chevelle.  The Cutlass was equipped with a 215 cubic inch aluminum V8 that was the predecessor to the infamous Buick (Rover) V8.  Find this 1962 Oldsmobile F-85 Cutlass for sale in Great Falls, MT currently bidding on ebay for $610 (reserve-not-met) with less than 1 day to go.

 The seller of this F-85 hasn't found a barn find with racing pedigree...what he has done is create a vision for the next owner and we love it.  A few vintage style images sketched on top of a black & white image of the car and it instantly looks like a million bucks.

The Olds V8 was a version of the famous Buick V8 that was also used in Pontiacs back in the 60s and was known as the BOP 215..however, the blueprints were later sold to British Leyland and it was known as the Rover 215 and shoehorned in all manner of right hand drive vehicles from 1960-2006.  The Olds example was produced from 1961-63 and featured wedge (instead of hemispherical in the Buick) shaped combustion chambers and was good for 195 horsepower and 235 ft-lbs of torque when it wasn't being turbocharged.

The 4:3 photo grids around enough to make your head spin, but the seller has included 100s of photos and put them together in a scrap book format that reduces the barn-find look of the car earning him the coveted Ansel Adams badge.

This car is current bidding for a low price, but if you are really interested in creating your own F-85 racer there are more complete examples to start with...however, we give this seller an A+ for effort!

See a better BOP powered wreck for cheap? email us here:


  1. I do not believe Pontiac ever used the Buick 215
    and Chevelle came out in 1964 so Corvair and chevy 2 AKA Nova in later years were the small car lineup.

    1. Internet rumor says that a few 1st gen Pontiac Tempest were ordered with the 215, from wikipedia:

      "Of particular note is that the innovative aluminum Buick-built 215 in³ (3.5 L) V8 was optional in the Tempest in 1961 and 1962. (This also had first appeared in the LeSabre.)[9] It is estimated that just 3,662 Tempests were ordered with the 215 engine, or about 1% of production. This motor produced, in its various incarnations, from 155–215 hp (116–160 kW; 157–218 PS) despite weighing just 330 lb (150 kg) installed. The Pontiac 215 blocks are distinct from other Buick 215 blocks because in addition to the factory Buick markings they were hand-stamped at the Pontiac plant with the Vehicle Identification Numbers of the individual cars they were installed in. Thus, in 1961 all Pontiac 215 blocks begin "161P"; the 1962 cars, "162P". "

    2. Wikipeda does state that some did come with the 215 V-8 (TEMPEST) like you said 1%. A friend had a 61 Tempest with the trophy 4 or half a 389 V-8 AKA Hay Baler also the Ponch version had the rear transaxle Old's and Buick did not. Could I be wrong twice in one day !

  2. ~ being a long time fan of the 3.5L aluminum engine this of course, appeals a great deal to me. i've never actually seen a '61 - '62 Tempest with the 215 but i wish for an opportunity to test one with the rope driveshaft and Corvair transaxle. this Cutlass is a great starting point for a variety of possibilities.
    weren't the final Rover V8s as large as 4.0L?

  3. these cars are y body/platform cars, and its only shared between the cutlass,skylark,tempest and corvair.


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