Wednesday, April 17, 2013

15k Flash: Bavarian Military Wedesday: 2007 BMW 328xi E90

The BMW 328xi is the winter flavor of BMW's best selling sedan, with all-wheel-drive and a basic i-6 to get you around town.  Take one, paint it matte-green and put some huge wheels on it...and you've got about the closest thing to a military spec 3-series we've ever seen.  This Wasteland Wednesday entry is a 2007 BMW 328iX is for sale in Houston, TX for the sequester-safe budget price of $12,895 via ebay. (Another thanks to tip from Kaibeezy!)

The E90 BMW 328xi debuted in 2007 with a retail price tag of something around $35k, and today is 6 years old approaching 65% off its original MSRP.  This is the kind of depreciation we can really appreciate!

 The 328i isn't powered by the twin-turbo monster under the hood of its big brother, but it actually has a sweeter sounding naturally aspirated 3.0 liter inline6 that puts out 230 horsepower.

 The inside of this 3-series looks to have survived the first 100k miles of life without too much wear/tear.
The only thing we would consider doing to this matte green monster is to lift it a few inches and add some beefy off-road tires to make it a proper apocalypse survival machine.


  1. Replies
    1. I think this photo shows feathering that says PAINT, but it could just be a shadow.$T2eC16FHJGIE9nnWprOPBRU-U+HhR!~~_4.JPG

  2. It kinda looks like plasti dipp job. if it is it just peels right off.

  3. I saw a pick-up covered with bed-liner that looked sort of like this at the NE State Fair a few years ago.

  4. It's had a bit of a rough history: Leased, run about 20K/year for the 39 month lease period, did the auction and dealer circuit for the better part of a year before getting picked up by the 2nd owner, who drove it nearly 30K over the next year until the "frontal impact with another vehicle" happened with "moderate to severe damage reported." Oh, and then it got repossessed. It's probably not a stretch to guess it was blessed with the decidedly non-factory military-spec paint job sometime after that "front impact."


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