Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10k: Wasteland Thorsday: 1963 Volvo C202 Laplander Military Truck w/ Trailer

It is difficult to find a vehicle that combines the DailyTurismo themes of Scandinavia, prepping for the apocalypse and frugality...but we've come about as close as possible with today's dual Wasteland Wednesday/Thorsday feature!  Find this 1963 Volvo C202 Laplander Military Truck w/ trailer in Rio Rancho, NM for $10,500. Big thanks to tip from DT reader Paul M.

The Laplander (aka Valp - "puppy" in Swedish) is powered by a Volvo B18A 4-cylinder engine which should be good for about 75 horsepower in single carburetor configuration.  Expect leisurely performance, but you can count on many hundreds of thousands of trouble free miles if properly maintained.  Trust us when we say that the ability to start each and every time will be much more important than top speed when you are evading hordes of brain eating zombies.

This quasi-convertible topped "Jeep" (for lack of a better descriptor) won't be the most bullet proof vehicle, but equipped with a simple trailer it will be great for moderate off-roading and general farm/rebuilding society use while getting decent gas mileage.  We have to agree with Paul when he sent us this tip and said "Finally a Volvo worth looking at..."!

Most of the Valps and later C303 Volvos we've seen have been the fully enclosed van body style, but this double-cab pickup variation is a new twist on us and would make the vehicle more versatile in certain situations (mounting an external gunner's rig to mow down the undead, for one). Having the Willys pickup-based custom trailer is just a bonus - and the only thing that would make the pair cooler were if the trailer were powered by PTO from the Volvo, to make an articulated 6x6! This may sound crazy - but it has been done!

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  1. Sweet Volvo! This one is way nicer than the one listed on BaT. And I do like the trailer.

  2. BaT is listing a Volvo C202 for under 4k, and DT is listing a Volvo C202 for 10.5k in nicer condition...
    What's going on here, my world is turned upside down!

  3. With over 5 days to go on the auction, I'd wager that the one on ebay will end up selling for quite a bit over $4k. There are 12 bidders so far and no guess is $8k - $9k. But let's see where it goes!

    The green one above is not only in nicer condition, it's got a locking rear axle and a Warn winch already installed, not to mention the trailer. That plus the fact that there is "some rust" and therefore might be "some room" for negotiation, my money's on this one.

  4. ~ i think a PTO driven wood chipper might level the field somewhat.


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