Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10k Flash: Hell Six: 1987 BMW 635CSi L6 e24

The first generation E24 6-series was built by BMW from 1976-1989 as a luxury coupe for the wealthy.  The L6 was a special US Market only version that added a sumptuous leather interior, auto-only transmission and a rear seat beverage cooler for the ultimate riding machine.  Find this 1987 BMW 635CSi L6 with 45k original miles for sale in Pompano Beach, FL currently bidding on ebay for $8,890 with a few hours to go.

This is about the nicest L6 we've seen - everything looks stock and well maintained.  Even the baby poo paint job looks surprisingly door-ding free.

The L6 was powered by the standard 3.5 liter inline 6 that pushed 215 horsepower into an automatic transmission. 

A quick peek on the interior shows over-stuffed leather seats that will be great for long drives and are so nice you may actually consider selling your house and living inside this car.

The L6 was an attempt by BMW to sell essentially a slower version of its M635CSi to folks who didn't want  blistering performance but still had a wallet full of cash to spend.  Today, the L6 is a rare and interesting breed that we believe makes a great commuter and should only continue to appreciate in value.

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  1. L-yeah! Looks like a really nice car for the cash, but with 2 hours to go reserve still not met @ $8,898.

  2. with only 45k miles anyone have an idea of value given it's an L6 and not a 635 5 speed??

  3. ~ i suspect some of the hesitance might be due to the slight color mismatch twixt the driver door and left rear quarter. maybe?


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