Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5k: The Emerald Shitty: 1977 Ford Granada

Today we featured a Ford Granada Ghia that had survived the crusher and has some customization from its owner.  DT regular Scot posted a link to a different SLC Granada in the comments and we couldn't resist a quick link to ANOTHER Granada...so... Find this green-on-green 1977 Ford Granada in St Louis, MO for $3,400.

15k: Ladies Night: 1995 Mercedes-Benz SL320 R129 Convertible, Minty Clean 35k Original Miles

The R129 generation Mercedes SL convertible was built on a shortened version of the W124 E-Class sedan platform for a remarkably long 13 year model life from 1989-2002.  The mid year cars are probably the best to get, as they have had the early "green" design problems fixed at the factory and haven't yet succumbed to the dark ages of the DaimlerChrysler years.  Find this 1995 Mercedes-Benz SL320 with only 35k original miles for sale in Santa Barbara, CA currently bidding on ebay for $12,100 reserve-not-met with 5 days to go.

5k: Parts Donor: 1975 Ford Granada Ghia

Most Ford enthusiasts know the Granada as a parts donor - willingly giving rear disc brakes to Mustangs all across the country (much in the same way the Mustang II is known for its R&P steering system and dual A-arm suspension, used in all manner of hot rods).  Most Granadas have long been stripped of usable parts and recycled into refrigerator magnets by now but at least one has escaped the crusher's jaws. Find this 1975 Ford Granada for sale in Bothell, WA for $3,800 via craiglist.  Tip from ANCMatt.

DT Introduces Wide Track

We've received some feedback from our readers that the DT layout was too cramped and narrow - so we have given it the Pontiac Wide-Track (tm) treatment (old layout was 1080 pixels wide, new is 1200).  We hope that our readers find the new width helps them maneuver the site with skillful sureness and accurate control.  Please accept our apologies if you are reading this site on an 8-inch CRT display and it now requires you put down your PBR to scroll right/left.  Comments below:

10k Flash: Hell Six: 1987 BMW 635CSi L6 e24

The first generation E24 6-series was built by BMW from 1976-1989 as a luxury coupe for the wealthy.  The L6 was a special US Market only version that added a sumptuous leather interior, auto-only transmission and a rear seat beverage cooler for the ultimate riding machine.  Find this 1987 BMW 635CSi L6 with 45k original miles for sale in Pompano Beach, FL currently bidding on ebay for $8,890 with a few hours to go.

Monday, April 29, 2013

5k Flash: French Fries: 1979 Peugeot 504D Diesel Wagon, Rare

We've never seen a Peugeot 504 wagon in the flesh and find this diesel estate to be somewhat of a conundrum.  The driving experience and build quality are below par, but somehow we are still drawn by the sweet aroma of diesel fuel and the clack-ity-clack of its compression ignition engine.  Find this 1979 Peugeot 504D Diesel wagon in San Diego, CA for $3,999 on ebay from one of the more interesting re-seller of 'one-owner' vehicles and cereal marshmallows -- pebbleandrock!

5k: Cocked and Loaded: 1996 Chevrolet Beretta Z26 w/3400 V6 Swap

Half way between a Cavalier Z24 and a Camaro Z28 was the Beretta Z26, an attempt by Chevrolet to add zip and zest via Z's.  The Z26 was neither zesty nor zippy, but is an interesting footnote in front wheel drive failures from friends at General Motors.  Find this 1996 Chevrolet Beretta Z26 with 3400 V6 swap for sale in Chicago, IL for $3,250 buy-it-now on ebay.

??K: Red Flag Football? 1966 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Every now and then, we come across an Ebay auction that has SOME red flags.   We're posting this one to see how many red flags our readers can find in this one.  Offered up for our readers' scrutiny is an example of a seller with Zero feedback listing a car that, if one reads closely, they may not even be claiming ownership of. He may in fact be simply writing about how desirable Chevys are.  In either event this 1966 Chevy Corvette convertible can be more closely examined on ebay with yo-yo bids ranging from the current $10,000, backwards to canceled bids as high as $145,000!!  You'll have to look quickly as this drama is due to close in just a few hours, if not cancelled by the seller before then.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

1k Flash: Racer Concept: 1962 Oldsmobile F-85 Cutlass

The first generation Cutlass was a compact car from Oldsmobile sharing the A-body platform with Buick Special, Pontiac Tempest and Chevy Chevelle.  The Cutlass was equipped with a 215 cubic inch aluminum V8 that was the predecessor to the infamous Buick (Rover) V8.  Find this 1962 Oldsmobile F-85 Cutlass for sale in Great Falls, MT currently bidding on ebay for $610 (reserve-not-met) with less than 1 day to go.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

10k Seller Submission: Vintage Burgundy: 1966 Volvo 1800S

Another day, another clean Volvo 1800 on the Daily Turismo, and we are going to keep saying these cars are good deals until they cost more than 911s and then we will switch to Yugos or something else affordable.  Find this 1966 Volvo 1800S currently bidding at $8,100 in Mission Hills, CA from DT regular Oprah85 via ebay.

5k: Repeat Offender: 1967 Ford Galaxie Convertible 428 CobraJet 4spd

We featured this Ford Galaxie convertible a few months back when it was listed on craigslist for $9,500, but it has re-appeared on our radar on ebay with a much lowered asking price.  Find this 1967 Ford Galaxie convertible with 428 CobraJet and 4spd manual transmission for sale in Joshua Tree, CA for $6,999 with no reserve on ebay.  Thanks to an anonymous tipper!

Friday, April 26, 2013

5k Flash: Classic Tank: 1971 BMW 2500 E3

Before the BMW 5 and 7 series dotted the used automotive luxury sedan market like cornfields in Iowa, there was a medium sized sedan from BMW internally called the New Six.  In the US the car was known as the Bavaria, but in Europe they were badged based on engine size for the ultimate 'mine is bigger than yours' parking lot contest.  Find this 1971 BMW 2500 E3 sedan for sale in Reutlingen, Deutschland for 2,800 EUR ($3,650 at the time of publishing) via mobile.de.

1k Flash: Oddball Import: 1974 Opel Manta A

The Manta is a small  2+2 coupe from Opel, the Rüsselsheim, Germany based GM subsidiary.  Opel marketing in the US was always a bit strange, and they were typically sold at Buick dealers but via an Opel ordering system and generally causing nothing but confusion and grief for the Buick dealers.  Fast forward 40 years and a classic Opel is actually a cool car given its rarity and 'oddity-appeal'.  Find this 1974 Opel Manta A for sale in Moscow, ID for $1,450 via craigslist.

5k: Tempting Diesel Tourer: 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300D Turbo Wagon W123, Minty Clean

The Mercedes-Benz W123 was the predecessor to the modern day E-Class, a well built sedan for the upper-middle management folks.  When new the E-Class topped $40k with a few options and has outlasted all of its 1980s competition by millions of miles.  Find this 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300D Turbo Wagon W123 for sale in San Fernando Valley, CA for $4,850 via craigslist.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

5k: Minty Mark 1: 1984 Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Mark 1 was first available for the US market in 1983 and lasted only two years before the Mark II Golf was introduced.  The Mk1 version is still considered by purists to be the best GTI and is prized for its quick reflexes and simplicity of design.  Find this 1984 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1 for sale in Jupiter, FL via ebay for the buy-it-now price of $6,500 with 6 days to go.

5k Thorsday: Rusty Slushbox Schneewittchensarg: 1972 Volvo 1800ES

The Daily Turismo is going to continue to shout on our soapbox that the Volvo 1800ES is an underappreciated classic in the market today.  Similar condition Porsche 911, 912, Alfa GTV, & Jag E-Types trade for considerably more than a nice used Snow White's Coffin (Schneewittchensarg) and we don't think that price trend will last forever.  Today's Thorsday find is a 1972 Volvo 1800ES for sale in Tacoma, WA for $5,750 buy-it-now or best offer on ebay. Tip from Scot!

5k: Pacevan Of The Apocalypse: 1964 Ford Econoline Van (Decked Out!)

When the apocalypse comes it is best to be prepared for whatever lunacy awaits us.  It isn't a good idea (no matter what the prepper websites tell you) to get yourself a bunch of water and ammo and hope to hunker down and avoid the fight..we at the Daily Turismo believe you should secure a nice truck or van to be able to plow through hordes of zombies or whatever it is that awaits us.  Someone will need to lead the charge and we've found the perfect Pacevan of the Apocalypse, this 1964 Ford Econoline Van (Decked Out!) for $4500 in Half Moon Bay, CA via craigslist. Tip from Kaibeezy!

15k: A Rose In The Valley: 1967 Porsche 912, Minty Clean

While stumbling through the ever growing web of project cars, sob stories and overpriced junk that dominates craigslist, we occasionally see a nicely presented and drivable car offered for a reasonable price.  Not a 'nigerian scammer' nice price, but something that does indeed seem like a fair buy in today's market.  Find this 1967 Porsche 912 for sale in Pasadena, CA for the price of $13,500 via craigslist.