Thursday, March 14, 2013

Value Vette Follow-up: 1964 Corvette is sold!

We featured this "Value-Vette" earlier in the week because we thought that it represented a great category of car for someone who wants to own a classic, but would rather not pay full price for the pleasure. The car in question captured the essence of our favorite axiom "There's no better money spent on a car than the previous owner's!"

We expected the car to sell for between $28-32K and that's pretty close to how it worked out today.  The early bidding stalled a few days before the close at $27,700.  However, on the final day of sale, early morning bids pushed it to $29,700 within 3 hours of close. The most revealing bids came within the closing minutes. The winning bidder put in his bid at the $30K mark about 3 minutes before auction close. Other bidders pushed him up to his winning bid (at close) of $33,099.99. If he lives in FL and doesn't have to transport the car, he just got a great deal on a Value-Vette and the seller got a super price too.

Remember, whenever you are tracking prices on cars you are interested in...don't let a pause in bidding fool you. Whether its a 1996 Buick Roadmaster Wagon, or a 1964 Corvette, the bidding frequently stalls several days before the close of the auction. Especially when it's an all original car like Betsy's 1966 Mustang Coupe.


  1. Can you go back and take a guess on that Cobalt, please?

  2. That's a pretty astute prediction of the selling price.


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