Wednesday, March 27, 2013 Special: The WorldWide Cost Of Fuel

Our friends over at the UK based sent us a fascinating, if somewhat Anglo-centric, info-graphic focusing on the worldwide costs of fuel, find the original version here on their website.

What does all this mean for folks in the USA like us?...well...for the people who've been complaining about $4/gallon gas - it could be a lot worse!

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  1. For quite a while Germany was making most of the V12 cars and still makes some of the heaviest and most powerful cars.

  2. Just a reminder of how much fuel taxes influence everything from which vehicles we buy to how far we are willing to travel.

    For perspective, US drivers pay an average about 50 cents/gallon in state and federal taxes, on an average of $3.68/gallon (unleaded regular). That's roughly a 15% tax rate.

    Based on the data provided above, UK drivers are paying a 132% tax rate - which goes a long way toward understanding the differences in the cars they drive, and how far they drive them.


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