Saturday, March 30, 2013

DTPC: Revised Concept for the ipd $25000 Build Off

by CFlo

After some feedback from our readers and a week to mull over the original design, I've made some changes to the "Bizarro Trans-Am" concept sketch for the Daily Turismo Project Car (DTPC) Volvo 242. As we posted last Thorsday, we'll be entering ipd's $25,000 Build Off with our little white '83 two door and we want to make sure we get it right before it gets submitted!

Compared to the first sketch, changes include...

The vinyl side stripes are now rendered in yellow, orange, and red. The exact shades would be taken from '70s Volvo OE paint codes (for example, Carlsbad yellow). Apart from the interior color which is as-yet undecided, the rest of the car is colored as it would be in reality. That's including the flat black panel on the hood...because it's true to Trans-Am, and I think it's sweet.

Last week's black steelies have been ditched for some Minilite (or similar) alloys in either 16" or 17" diameter. We're not sure if these can be found in Volvo's odd 5 x 108mm bolt pattern, but we can always get some adapters if necessary to run a more common pattern.

Front end
I've ditched the quad-rectangle headlight setup for some 7" round units from a 1980 or earlier 240, with the complimentary wider grille to span the gap. I would still make some simple aluminum covers for the lights like the Trans-Am Mustangs & Camaros had back in the day, but have them removable for everyday use.

The exhaust system was previously not in the sketch at all, but now it's shown as a single side exit pipe on the passenger's side.

Chin Spoiler
I've kept the Trans-Am style pointy spoiler with the turnbuckle supports to the bumper, but added an early '60s Volvo script logo as found on the original P1800 c-pillar. Look closely and you'll see the blue & yellow stripes of the Swedish flag in the V. 

Here's where we need some reader input...what color should the chin spoiler be? I've left it white for now, but am currently thinking either orange or black. What do you think of the wheels? How about the stripes? Let us know in the comments below!

Original concept sketch from last week


  1. It kinda reminds me of Ivan Stewart's off road truck with that paint scheme. I liked the blue striped theme better. But its not my build.

  2. My .02 - A quick Google shows Minilites and steelies do look to be the go-to for vintage Volvos, but the Minilites seem so common. Either way, maybe paint them the color of one of the stripes. I liked the blue theme better too, more Nordic, as opposed to this tequila sunset vibe. What about 2 stripes in blue and yellow, Swedish flag colors? Black hood looks great. +1 for black chin spoiler. What about grills over the headlights? Is that too cheezy? Vs. covers that won't be there most of the time?

  3. Minilites look the business, but I would push for powdercoating them in a dark anthracite color.
    I agree with both of the above posters. The color scheme is too Toyota off road truck and adopting a play on the Swedish flag colors is a good idea. How about an amalgam of both concepts? Three stripes as drawn- dark blue, powder blue and yellow. Chin spoiler definitely in black. Modify or bumper delete treatment, perhaps?
    Raised white lettered tires, window netting and two vertical metal straps to hold the rear window down would help finish off the look.
    Or just go with what you have...

  4. As a plus, iPD actually sells new minilite copies in the correct Volvo bolt pattern and offset new, though I love the black steelies look. Love the 7" rounds on the front, and the pointy TA spoiler is great too. Great concept!

    I may forgo a decent repaint on my 145 for the time being to save money, and do a swedish blue for the base color, and a yellow cross on the hood, in plasti-dip.


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