Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DT Tucson Sidewalk Sale Part I: 5k; 1980 Volvo Bertone Coupe w/302 V8 Swap

Occasionally we stumble upon an owner selling a few unique cars, but seldom do we find a real treasure trove of Swedish steel all flooding the market at the same time.  We don't want to spoil the surprise, so we are just going to list one car a day, and trust us, you are going to love the grand finale.  Part one is this 1980 Volvo Bertone Coupe with a Ford 302 V8 swap and C-6 auto, with only 1500 miles since it was built 20 years ago. Find it for $6000 in Tucson, AZ via contact info below.

The owner, a very nice fellow named Matt, is offering this gold on black John Player Special look-a-like because of health issues.  He can be contacted via email at volvo165 [at] msn [dot] com (if the email address is gone, the car is sold).

 Instead of our usual snarky commentary, we can let the hand annotated photos do the talking!

Paint looks good with the mini-lite style wheels in gold.
Serious money and time has been put into this car to make it what it is today....

We have to admit that the photos aren't the latest in digital 150 megapixel technology, but they show a car that is unique, fast, reliable and inexpensive...what more can you ask for?  Stay tuned for more cars from the DT Tucson Sidewalk sale.

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  1. Sweet swede! Hard to tell from the photos if this is a well preserved professional job or a homemade hack job...and the price splits the difference. Anyone in AZ want to take a look at it?

  2. Forget the car, where can I get me a used A10 Warthog? All-in-all, $6k ain't bad price for this thing if the paint is still nice and the 302 runs well. In fact, its a damn good price. However, if the paint is falling off and the 302 sounds like a VW beetle..well...pass.

  3. ~ i have seen a couple Bertone Coupes with a 5.0 conversion and think they are great touring cars. $6k is quite a bit less than one would spend duplicating this effort. i might prefer the LSx transplant but Converse style Ford engine Volvos are an incredible bargain.


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