Saturday, March 9, 2013

DT COW: Commenter of the Week; TMBMWT - Heros In A Half Shell!

Sometimes a comment really gives us a good belly laugh and we want to tell our readers thanks!  In the last few days we've featured a few BMWs - two in a row to be precise, and a DT regular commenter said:
"TMBMWT!!!!! (Too Many BMWs Today).....starting to look like BaT....BMW this...BMW that....yadda yadda.  I guess tomorrow you will have three over priced Alpha Romeo rust buckets.  Sorry...just did my taxes and I'm pissed."
Click thru the jump to see the winner.

Congrats to David - and while we originally assumed he was referring to Teenage Mutant BMW Turtles (TMBMWT), we can understand his objection to the regular appearance of cars wearing the Bavarian flag color roundel - but few auto manufacturers were building expensive rear-drive sporty-sedans in the 70s/80s that can be had for cheap today!  David's prize is...a picture of a BMW from the Laguna Seca Historic races...

And a picture of a dirty/faded Alfa from the LeMans classic race...not sure if its for sale, but we assume the asking price is in the six digit range and we will split the profit with the seller.  Sorry about your taxes, not much we can do about that...

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  1. ~ you earned it, David. hope the guvmunt didn't hurt you too seriously.

  2. David- Thanks for the laugh! Thoroughly enjoyed it!!


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