Friday, March 15, 2013

DT COW: Commenter of the Week: Cops & Masers

This morning's featured Maserati Quattroporte isn't for the faint of heart and nothing underscores this point better than the story from a commenter about a free 4Porte that was rejected!
Back in the day, when I was a big east coast city cop, the narcotics squad confiscated one of these in a raid. It was parked in the headquarters garage for a short time when the police commissioner took notice of it and decided that it would make a great ride for him; after all he WAS the police commissioner. When they took it to a local Italian car shop for some "minor" work, the bill was $3800! The boss went back to his plain-Jane Ford Crown Vic. I spent 31 years on that job, loved every minute!
Click thru the jump to see the winner...
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Congrats to DT commenter David, who apparently has spent some time behind the wheel of a cop car or two.  His prize is the above photo of a 5th generation Maserati 4Porte outfitted for police duty in what looks like Ontario Canada.  Very observant readers will notice that this is the 2nd COW award in a row for David!! Can he make it a hat trick?

photo credit
We can only hope the drug dealer's Maserati ended up as a 24 Hours of LeMons all 4-door Italian luxury cars should.

See a comment that deserves the coveted COW award?

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  1. Thanks for the kudos and the photo! I once received only a warning from the Ontario Provincial Police for going a bit too fast on the Queen Elizabeth Boulevard in my beloved '64 TR4.
    I actually did not spend much time in a patrol car. I was a motor cop and started out on a '65 Harley police bike that leaked more oil than the BP Gulf rig. After having an accident involving me and a Naval Academy bus full of midshipmen, the boss transferred me to the horse mounted unit and I spent my evenings wondering what that crazy horse would do to me the next day at work.


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