Saturday, March 23, 2013

DT COW: Commenter Of The Week: BaT For Poor People

We are still trying to figure out what to do with the Facebook and El Twitter, and assume we can just outlast all this web 2.0 nonsense in the same way we conquered hula hoops, inflation and skinny jeans for men.  Anyway, we have been getting DT neophytes via the Facebook and recently got the following posting on our wall: "Is this like Bring a Trailer for poor people? Right up my alley."

Click thru the jump to see the winner...

Congrats to facebooker Rob S, who posted on DailyTurismo's facebook timeline.  His prize is a picture of a poor man's classic - a Mercedes W116 S-Class.  And we prefer to think of our site not as a haven for the poor...but a place for people who want to keep their money (rich or poor).  Why spend $60k on a classic sports car when you can buy something similar for $15k?  If you've read our site, then you know our motto: An appreciation for depreciation.   And our favorite axiom:  There is no money better spent on a car than the previous owner's.  

As always, if you see some overpriced and over-restored Alfa...keep it yourself...but if you see a bargain priced classic, hit us with an email:


  1. Well, to me DT is a much more realistic place to be... fewer stupid comments to sift through and certainly the prices are much better as well...

  2. I enjoy BaT very much but DT brings to my attention items that I might actually be able to actually afford and enjoy without taking them to Guido or Hans for that $150 an hour labor rate. And we don't have a lot of snobs here talking about the radio knob not being original.


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