Friday, March 29, 2013

5k: Lime Green Limo: 1971 Ford Torino Wagon; Survivor

It is no secret that we love wagons at the DailyTurismo, but more specifically we love wagons that are well maintained classics in original condition offered at a reasonable price!  A Torino wagon popped up on our radar that ticket all of the right boxes...and we half-way considering buying it for a daily driver.  Find this 1971 Ford Torino Wagon is offered for sale in Antelope Valley, CA for the bargain price of $6300 via craigslist.

This wagon is purported to be a single-owner survivor recently purchased from an estate sale...which means it is now a two-owner car, but the current owner isn't asking crazy money, so we aren't sure if he/she is a for profit flipper or a buyer with remorse.   It really doesn't matter, as the current asking price is similar to what we've seen for cars in much worse condition.

The only thing wrong with the interior is the use of a Buick floor mat...but otherwise it looks extremely well preserved and intact.  We are curious to know if the rear seats and third row (if equipped) are in similarly nice shape.  Unfortunately the seller is a Captain Capslock who believes limited information and bad photos in the advert will draw more interest...

Most vintage wagon's aren't worth crazy money in any condition (probably why we are drawn to them), but this one seems to be a good deal.  Although it is claimed as a single owner car, it does wear later issue California blue plates that look to have been issued in 1979, but this could have been caused by the owner moving out of California or letting the registration lapse for too long.  Either way, this 351 V8 powered wagon is equipped with an auto trans, AC & power steering for the ultimate family hauler.

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  1. Agree on all counts, DT. While a thorough in-person inspection is needed on something like this (the ad leaves way too many unknowns), it looks like a great opportunity for a classic early 70's family truckster (and I mean that in a good way). I am relieved this one is 3000 miles away - so I don't have to convince myself not to check it out.

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