Friday, March 8, 2013

5k: Bruiser Cruiser: 1984 Mercedes-Benz 500SEC W126 Euro Trash

The Mercedes-Benz 500SEC was a large luxury coupe based on the S-Class W126 chassisBack in the day, the Europeans always saved the hottest versions for their local market and the North American bound exports were always de-tuned, catalyzed and fitted with big bumpers.  Get a taste of the good stuff with this 1984 Mercedes-Benz 500SEC euro grey-market import for sale in Tiburon, CA for $7900 via craigslist.

This car is advertised as a 'factory AMG' car, but the truth  AMG was an aftermarket tuner without a solid link to Mercedes-Benz and sold bolt-on body kits & wheels for MBZ models. It wasn't until 1996 with the release of the C36 AMG that it was possible to buy an AMG badged car at a Mercedes dealer, and by 1999 AMG was assimilated into the Mercedes-Borg empire.

The 500SEC is equipped with the M117 V8, a  5.0 liter alloy block beast that puts out 225 horsepower..allthough the customized license plate makes some reference to the E60 AMG "Hammer"..but all 12 of those cars produced were sedans.  This car is equipped with a slushbox and was sent as a tip from regular DT reader Kaibeezy T who writes: "Has anyone ever figured out how to get a 5sp into one of these? Like the weather, lots of talk about it but nobody *doing* anything about it. "

 For someone searching for a big grey-market Benz, the price is certainly attractive and the miles are lower than most examples on the roadOur biggest reservations are around the ability to live with the automatic and this author owned a C36 AMG for just under a year..which would have been longer if it had been equipped with a clutch pedal.  

See another big, heavy, sweet coupe?  email us here:

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  1. ~ sharp coupes, i've loved these since they were introduced. as M-B lost their feel for the performance driver Aufrect, Melcher, and Grossaspach had a real grasp on what the aftermarket desperately sought.
    . now, a manual would turn this into a brawler. thumbs up, Kaibeezy T. +1!


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