Friday, March 1, 2013

5k: The Best Cars Have the Worst Ads: 1971 Volkswagen Siamese Beetle

For some unknown reason, the best modified crazy cars for sale on craigslist always have the worst ads.  The guy who can weld two front ends of a Volkswagen together into a functional vehicle is unable to capture the entire vehicle in one frame of the disposable camera stolen from his cousins' wedding.  This 1971 Volkswagen Siamese Beetle is for sale in Pueblo, CO for $4,000 via craigslist.

This Siamese Bug was constructed using the front ends from two Beetles and is powered by a stock 1.6 liter flat four VW motor.   In the time honored tradition of listing cars with zero information the rest of the specifics of the build are left up the imagination of any potential buyers.

 Another photograph taken with no concern for the the subject... and the car is positively filthy.  Truthfully, with these photos we have a hard time accepting the asking price and this car would need to be something seriously special in person.  But, for some reason we find ourselves intrigued by this twin-faced bug.

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  1. ~ as the seller says,
    'I've just dont got time or the money to do it'
    or the interest.
    . me too, also.
    . did i mention no interest?

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